Review: Ty Segall and Freedom Band @ Adelaide Uni Bar

Ty Segall and his Freedom Band played Adelaide Uni Bar 22 January, 2023.
Jason has been reporting on live music in South Australia for several years and will continue to do so while interest remains.

Terms like psychedelic and garage rock are used to describe Ty Segall's musical styles, and while these are fitting it is rock & roll at its basics.

Besides using an acoustic guitar for the opening of the show (22 January) and again in the encore, both Ty and guitarist Emmet Kelly each use one guitar each throughout.

Ty is here to do what he is here to do, and there was little time wasted on between-song banter.

A simple "hello" precedes Ty playing his first song solo before being joined by Emmet for a somewhat subdued opening acoustic portion of the show during which audience chatter is audible but not distracting.

They play a set that at times sounds like some alternate Everly Brothers universe before being joined by Mikal Cronin on bass, Charles Moothart on drums and Ben Boye on keys in a crescent configuration onstage for a contrasting free-jazz outro to end this first part.

The opening aural assault of 'Wave Goodbye' by the full Freedom Band is ferocious and is a template for most of the rest of the evening, with the playing as intense as anything hardcore without going quite that far.

While I confess to a degree of unfamiliarity with Ty's greater musical output, most songs segueing into the next, I did recognise the riff early during a cover of Hot Chocolate's 'Every 1's A Winner' played through a prism of Black Sabbath.

As the set progressed, Ty got a little looser and the pairing of 'Rain' and 'Looking At You' stood out as did the solo acoustic 'My Lady's On Fire' with an audience sing-along during the encore.

There was a heightened anticipation for Ty's first Adelaide visit and judging by the post-show discussions overheard from fanboys, there was not any disappointment.

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