Review: Taylor Acorn @ The Zoo (Brisbane)

Taylor Acorn played The Zoo (Brisbane) on 9 March, 2024 - image © KealiJoan Studios
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Taylor Acorn's performance at The Zoo in Brisbane (9 March) was akin to a therapeutic session for her fans, as she belted out tunes with electrifying energy.

There was palpable excitement among fans who eagerly lined up for hours, resulting in sold-out merchandise, all in anticipation of Acorn's performance in Brisbane, the second destination on her Australian 'Good Enough' tour.

The first performers of the night were local Queensland ensemble, Friends of Friends. Riding the momentum of their recent 2023 release, Friends of Friends arrived with a purpose.

With crowd-pleasing originals like 'The Bends' and 'Morphine' in their repertoire, they undeniably established a lively and energetic atmosphere for the evening.

Next onstage with an unwavering fearlessness was CHEZ. Whether through her solo endeavours or collaborative projects, CHEZ exudes a remarkable amount of strength and fervour in all her endeavours, and her appearance at The Zoo was no different.

CHEZ effortlessly amplified the energy set by Friends of Friends, stirring up a surge of adrenaline in anticipation of the headline act.

CHEZ - image © KealiJoan Studios

As the ambient lighting dimmed and anticipation fell over the venue Taylor Acorn, accompanied by her band, made a grand entrance onto the stage. The audience were immediately captivated by the first chords of her latest release, 'Gray'.

After earning acclaim during her country music phase, Acorn's return to her pop-punk roots solidifies it wasn't merely a phase. For many seasoned emo enthusiasts, Taylor evokes a nostalgic ambience, seamlessly blending elements of the past with a contemporary twist that resonates deeply with her audience.

Supported by two exceptional musicians, Taylor found herself in esteemed company. Drummer Connor played an indispensable role in infusing the songs with humanity, providing a pulsating heartbeat and an infectious energy that permeated the stage.

Likewise, guitarist Ricky proved to be a crucial component in delivering the energetic essence of pop-punk to the performance, captivating the audience with his traditional pop-punk jumps and spins, adding an extra layer of excitement and dynamism to the show.

Taylor Acorn.3
Taylor Acorn - image © KealiJoan Studios

Renowned for her talent in cultivating an environment where her fans can express vulnerability and find solace in their shared experiences, Taylor curated an atmosphere of unity throughout her entire performance. Strangers became allies as they embraced one another during the set, reinforcing the sense of connection and community that Taylor had intended to foster.

Acorn also brought a level of humour to her show, making puns from her own music, stating before her song 'Everything Sucks': 'I am so jet-lagged. How are you doing? Because everything sucks except for you!"

Taylor continued to lighten the mood throughout the night by quipping before a song: "I believe we've finally reached the delusional stage, but that is probably the jet-lag." Despite openly grappling with the affects of her long flight, Taylor radiated boundless energy and treated her fans to a long-awaited, emotionally charged performance.

Taylor Acorn.4
Taylor Acorn - image © KealiJoan Studios

It wasn't just Taylor's incredible vocal prowess that left a lasting impression. Her genuine warmth and humility endeared her to the crowd, making everyone feel like they were sharing a special moment where fans felt understood.

Between songs, Taylor conveyed messages of empowerment, prefacing her performance of 'Good Enough' with a heartfelt declaration: "This next song is my favourite song I have ever written, it's about being good enough."

As the final chords of her song 'Shapeshifting' reverberated through the venue, Taylor's band embraced a beloved aspect of Australian culture, delighting the crowd with the infamous shoey – a tradition often dreaded by many international artists.

Acorn's performance left a lasting impact, with the audience feeling uplifted, inspired, and fulfilled. One fan even remarked: "That was the therapy I needed," showcasing the profound emotional connection Taylor fosters through her music.

Taylor Acorn.2
Taylor Acorn - image © KealiJoan Studios

With her soulful voice, infectious energy, and heartfelt lyrics, Taylor reaffirmed her status as a rising star in the music industry.

Her ability to touch hearts and minds resonated deeply and it is no doubt why she continues to attract the attention of fellow artists like Magnolia Park and Arrows in Action, who eagerly embrace the opportunity to collaborate with her and be part of her creative journey.

More photos from the concert.

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