Review: Sweet Dreaming: Eurythmics Reimagined @ HBF Stadium (Perth)

Perth Symphony Orchestra performed Sweet Dreaming: Eurythmics Reimagined at HBF Stadium on 3 December, 2020.

Perth music lovers were transported back to the '80s at Perth Symphony Orchestra's performance of Sweet Dreaming: Eurythmics Reimagined at HBF Stadium (3 December).

The concert – which took the audience on a chronological musical journey of Annie Lennox and Eurythmics' hits – marked one of the first times audience members have had to register with the new SAFEWA app prior to attending a live performance.

While there was an initial air of confusion for some patrons, the few teething problems didn't dampen the excitement and pre-performance buzz at all.

First to take to the stage was string quartet INNEKA, who wowed the crowd with their energetic performance and dazzling sequinned dresses.

INNEKA - image © Caris Morcombe

The much-adored quartet, who have become a Perth favourite in recent months especially since their Telethon appearance, captivated concertgoers with their lively renditions of Ministry Of Sound tracks and contemporary flair, giving the crowd a taste of the excitement that was to come throughout the rest of the night.

Kickstarting the Eurhythmics tribute was Irish singer Freddie Mai, whose soulful vocals and strong stage presence immediately commanded attention from the audience.

Eurythmics Reimagined.3
Freddie Mai - image © Caris Morcombe

Mai performed iconic Eurtyhmics tracks from the group's early 1980s punk phase including 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)' and 'Touch'. Mai remained faithful with her performance, while Perth Symphony Orchestra managed to put their own spin on the much-loved songs.

The audience seemed to approve, with many dancing in the aisles dancing along to Mai's soulful performance.

Eurythmics Reimagined.4
Freddie Mai & Sabrina Davies - image © Caris Morcombe

Following Mai was P!nked performer Sabrina Davies who belted out the big hits of the mid-'80s and finally Ali Bodycoat who completed the chronological journey of the night with renditions from Lennox's solo era from the early 1990s, including a show-stopping performance of 'Into The West' alongside Isaiah Wally Stack.

Eurythmics Reimagined.2
Ali Bodycat - image © Caris Morcombe

The talented performers were all directed under the baton of conductor Jen Winley, who made her debut appearance as a Perth Symphony Orchestra conductor.

In a year where live performances have been few and far between, there was an air of gratitude and excitement among the crowd, an affirmation that sweet dreams are made of high-quality live gigs and shared community events like this.

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