Review: Stephen Sanchez @ The Tivoli (Brisbane)

Stephen Sanchez played The Tivoli (Brisbane) on 26 April, 2024 - image © Keely Baker
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Stephen Sanchez's presence at Brisbane's The Tivoli (26 April) felt like a nostalgic exhale, transporting the audience back in time.

Graace, a talented Australian singer-songwriter from Sydney, commenced the evening with a captivating performance, accompanied by her guitarist, which set the perfect tone of intimacy for the night ahead.

With guitars in hand and the gentle strains of a piano, they effortlessly drew the audience into their musical embrace, capturing their undivided attention from the very first note.

Amidst the palpable excitement of the gathered fans, Graace radiated enthusiasm for the tour, her genuine admiration for Stephen tangible as she exclaimed: "I am very excited to be on this tour, I am a huge fan of Stephen, oh my gosh, I am just so excited."

Before unveiling her latest creation, 'Jealous Type', Graace couldn't contain her excitement as she shared: "I actually just released my first song in two years, which is so crazy."

Her rendition of the timeless classic 'Use Somebody', by Kings Of Leon, was nothing short of mesmerising, as her angelic vocals soared effortlessly through the air, leaving the audience spellbound in its wake.

However, the night held even more surprises as Graace tantalised the crowd with a sneak peek into her future, teasing an upcoming EP with the performance of an unreleased gem titled 'Downgraded'. With each note, she painted a vivid picture of what was yet to come, leaving the audience eagerly awaiting the full release later this year.

Stephen Sanchez.2
Stephen Sanchez - image © Keely Baker

The moment international heartthrob Stephen Sanchez and his band took the stage, a wave of electrifying energy surged through the venue, igniting the crowd with excitement. With a dynamic presence that commanded attention, Sanchez and his band delivered a performance brimming with nostalgia from the very first note.

Against the backdrop of glittering curtains illuminated by vibrant spotlights, Sanchez effortlessly channelled his musical influences, infusing each moment with his signature charm and charisma.

Turning to the audience with a mischievous grin, he posed the rhetorical question: "Are you here to sing? Are you here to have a good time?"

Stephen Sanchez.3
Stephen Sanchez - image © Keely Baker

Directing his attention to all the "pretty women" in the audience, Stephen delighted the crowd with a special tribute to the golden era of music that inspired him deeply. With a heartfelt nod to the classics, he launched into a mesmerising cover of 'Oh, Pretty Woman' by Roy Orbison, and the opening lines of 'All I Have To Do Is Dream' by The Everly Brothers, weaving together a tapestry of nostalgia that transported listeners back to a bygone era of music magic.

Brisbane held a special place on the band's bucket list, a fact not lost on Sanchez as he candidly shared with the audience: "We were really nervous for this show because we knew you were going to be the best city."

Later in the set, Sanchez took a moment to express his gratitude once again, his words carrying a genuine warmth. "This is so amazing, I can't believe people showed up. It's wild, the boys and I were really thinking about it, how people so far away in this world, are here.

Stephen Sanchez.4
Stephen Sanchez - image © Keely Baker

"We are really grateful, and we all recognise that this is such a gift and we really don't feel famous at all, we feel like such huge fans of music and a lot of the time, all the time we feel like we should just be out there hanging with you guys, watching somebody else. We feel really glad we get to be the guys playing the show."

On the day of the Brisbane show, Stephen celebrated the release of the deluxe version of his latest album 'Angel Face', by performing 'Be More' for the enthusiastic crowd. He followed with an acoustic rendition of 'Fame Or Fortune' and then delivered a high-energy performance of 'High', even venturing onto the barrier.

Before his hit single 'Until I Found You', Sanchez lightened the mood with a playful jest, teasing: "Are we still enjoying ourselves? Good because this might be our last song. . . or is it?" Closing the set with 'Shake', he ended the night on a high note by proudly holding up an Australian flag.

More photos from the concert.

Stephen Sanchez.5
Stephen Sanchez - image © Keely Baker

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