Review: Seaforth @ The Triffid (Brisbane)

Seaforth played The Triffid (Brisbane) on 8 November, 2023 - image © KealiJoan Studios
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Seaforth hit the stage at The Triffid in Brisbane (8 November) with a night no one will forget.

Sometimes you just have to immerse yourself in the heart-warming embrace of country music, where a night of twangy melodies, a few cold beers, and an abundance of love is the ultimate recipe for rediscovering the genuine camaraderie that defines the country music community.

Seaforth and Bella Mackenzie's electrifying performance in Brisbane wasn't just a concert; it was a heart-warming reminder that nothing quite compares to the unique and unifying experience of a country music show.

From the heart of opener Bella Mackenzies's music lies a gift for storytelling. The lyrics in her songs are akin to diary entries, each one painting vivid pictures of love, loss, life's ups and downs, and the enduring human spirit, and even one song about the much adored headliners, Seaforth.

Bella Mackenzie
Bella Mackenzie - image © KealiJoan Studios

Whether it's a toe-tapping, feel-good anthem or a soulful ballad, Bella had an innate ability to convey the emotions and experiences that resonated with the entire room.

Her storytelling prowess is a testament to the rich country tradition, and it adds depth and authenticity to her music. Fresh off appearing in 'The Voice', Bella's talent is undeniable.

Then, it was time for the highly anticipated Seaforth, who hit the stage for the first time ever in Brisbane with a surge of energy and bigger hearts than any artist ever.

Consisting of lead vocalists Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson, who first met when they were three years old at Seaforth Kindergarten, "eating crayons and eating sand".

Seaforth - image © KealiJoan Studios

From becoming rival musicians in high school to then putting aside their differences, and now becoming independent artists, Seaforth put on a show for all that you are unlikely to forget. They are backed by two incredible musicians, One Direction drummer Josh Devine and highly energetic bass player Justin de Graaf.

One of the standout elements of Seaforth's live performance was the depth of emotional connection they established with their audience. Their delivery of each song was nothing short of mesmerising, and it was evident that they poured their hearts and souls into every note.

Whether singing about love, heartbreak, or simply enjoying a good beer, Seaforth made every lyric feel like a shared experience, forging a powerful bond with the audience.

This strong connection with the audience was evident in their playful banter leading into their acoustic set.

Tom joked about the perils of getting older, recounting an incident where he pulled a muscle in his back while patting his dog. Mitch chimed in with a lighthearted quip, "worse things have happened to better people," eliciting laughter from the crowd.

These moments served as a reminder of the genuine bond between the two lead vocalists and their fans.

Seaforth - image © KealiJoan Studios

Amidst Mitch's attempts to share a heartfelt story about their journey and lives, Tom injected a bit of humour by playfully providing elevator music in the background. Their management even playfully interjected, asking if they planned to play any music at all, drawing more laughter from the audience.

The duo then transitioned into stripped-back, highly amusing renditions of their popular singles, 'Been Better' and 'Magic', with Mitch even adding a touch of mouth trumpet to the mix, showcasing their musical versatility and playful spirit.

A true testament to the camaraderie between the musicians and their crew was when they commenced their hit song 'Good Beer' with a spirited toast, involving shots and even inviting their manager and photographer/ videographer onto the stage for a memorable moment.

Seaforth .4
Seaforth - image © KealiJoan Studios

Read our recent interview with Seaforth.

As the evening drew to a close, it was time for the encore. This bittersweet moment served as a reminder that all good things must come to an end.

However, the encore turned out to be an unforgettable experience for both the band and the crowd. When the opening chords of 'Breakups' filled the venue, the crowd erupted with excitement, singing along so loudly that Tom himself began to get emotional.

Encouraging the audience to sing the verse one more time, the band stood back and watched as the song they held close to their hearts was passionately sung back to them by the adoring crowd.

Both the band and their fans left the venue that night with smiles on their faces, their hearts full of cherished memories from a show that no one in attendance will soon forget.

Seaforth's performance was not just a concert; it was an unforgettable musical journey that left an indelible mark on all who were lucky enough to be there.

More photos from the show.

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