Review: Milky Chance @ Forum Melbourne

Milky Chance played Forum Melbourne on 2 February, 2024 - image © Harrison Innes
Now based in Melbourne/ Naarm, Harrison is a passionate advocate for live music in Australia and enjoys both shooting/ reviewing the best live shows.

Milky Chance is a band that needs little introduction.

Soundtracking many playlists with tracks off their hit 2017 album 'Blossom' and 2013's mega hit 'Stolen Dance', the German pair have returned to Australia for the first time since 2020 with a new collection of songs from their latest album, 2023's 'Living In A Haze'.

With no shortage of excitement for the Germans, the Forum's floor (2 February) was quickly packed with fans rushing to get to the front. The sold-out show, which led to an additional show the next night, felt like the right way to welcome Milky Chance back to Australian shores.

Opening the night was TikTok celebrity and musician Go-Jo, best known for his viral track 'Mrs Hollywood'. Recently featuring on triple j's Like A Version segment, Australia's Marty Zambotto felt and sounded right at home onstage.

The crowd were clearly stoked with the choice of opening act performing a set filled with sing-alongs and crowd pleasers. Go-Jo transitioned his charismatic and larger than life persona clearly onto stage, getting the audience well and truly warmed up for Milky Chance.

A short break between Go-Jo and the main act saw a fun-loading screen, reminiscent of an old DVD standby screen, bounce around behind the stage, with the the crowd more and more excited each time it hit perfectly into a corner. As the LED screen faded and the lights darkened, applause and a huge chant grew for the German pair.

Milky Chance.2
Milky Chance - image © Harrison Innes

The band wasted no time getting to the good stuff, with 'Ego' and 'Blossom' both making appearances in the first three tracks. Frontman Clemens Rehbein performed with glee, moving back and forward from the overly-enthusiastic front row.

Packing in a huge 20-song set list there was little talking throughout the show, apart from the teasing of new material: "Thanks for coming out Melbourne! We've brought some new stuff with us!"

The performance felt as liquid as their name, flowing from track to track moving at a captivating pace. Each song however managed to stand alone, while the stage lighting and transitioning backdrops melted seamlessly with the music. It was as much a visual experience as it was a musical concert.

Milky Chance.3
Milky Chance - image © Harrison Innes

The set pitched and yawed with an expert mix of highs and lows – tracks like 'Frequency Of Love' provided a nice breather and slower moment that flowed perfectly into tracks like 'Fado', its extended club banger-esque outro leading perfectly into a cover of 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me'.

The Milky Chance boys well and truly kept their adoring crowd on their feet and moving through the entire show.

Finally, in a moment that seemed to dwarf everything that came before, the band launched into 'Flashed Junk Mind' followed by 'Stolen Dance'. The string of their two 2013 hit songs sent a massive shared sense of euphoria throughout the Melbourne audience.

Milky Chance.4
Milky Chance - image © Harrison Innes

The two tracks become one entire sing-along, with not a single soul in the crowd not knowing the lyrics. While these songs were shortly followed by an encore, it seemed almost redundant as if nothing could top that one moment.

Leaving on a high, the crowd jittered with remaining energy as they exited the venue, with a likely mass of fans keen to attend the following night's show.

More photos from the concert.

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