Review: Milky Chance @ Enmore Theatre (Sydney)

Milky Chance played Enmore Theatre (Sydney) on 6 February, 2024 - image © Hayden Nixon
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A surprising cold snap has hit Sydney, however inside the Enmore Theatre it's nothing but warmth for Milky Chance's show.

Go-Jo start the evening (6 February) with uplifting tunes that send smiles around the room. The lights dim and the crowd cheers.

The band kick off to the ring of a tambourine. The backlight changes between the colours of the rainbow as 'Synchronize' rings out, the bass drum hitting heavily. The song ends abruptly and the crowd erupts. It's going to be a good night.

'Ego' commences as the crowd claps. The bassline thumps along with a unique melody and everyone is dancing. The song really kicks through the bridge and people are off their feet.

Milky Chance.2
Image © Hayden Nixon

"We came all the way from Berlin, Germany, to be here so thank you for coming," shares frontman Clemens Rehbein. The acoustic guitar shines through in 'Blossom' as Rehbein has a great time strumming ferociously as he interacts with the front row. A drum interlude ensues for the bridge, as the theatre darkens, before bursting forth into a triumphant last chorus.

'Purple Tiger' showcases some new music, which is deeply danceable as the Moog rings out. 'Reckless Child' is another new one that showcases a house-y vibe. Nothing is lost on the crowd who are up for dancing to anything. The bridge feels like a nightclub at 3am, in the best way. The lights spasm out and time is suspended.

"Sometimes in a band there's a lot of sh.t going on," Rehbein shares. "This song is about the desire to go out and just let go and dance with your friends. Forget about everything. Feel your body and the music. I want you all to do that right now." The crowd obliges.

"I wish I was a disco boy, disco boy," Rehbein sings, as rectangles flash on the screen. "I should be dancing the pain away." He dances around the stage swinging his guitar from side to side. "The next song goes eh-aw, eh-aw," he says as the crowd laugh.

Milky Chance.3
Image © Hayden Nixon

'Cocoon' starts with a sultry tone in front of psychedelic visuals. It features a great, melodic guitar hook that moves into a drum breakdown. How much more fun can this show get?

They flow right into 'Down By The River' and the deep house vibe is back. A vocal sequence ensues with reversed effects and the result is an ecstatic crowd.

"Let's play a love song," bassist Philipp Dausch says, momentarily losing the order. "Oh we're not there yet? We'll have to wait for the next song." The band could play just about anything right now and the crowd would love it.

'Golden' follows and Rehbein showcases some impressive guitar skills, taunting the audience with the back and forth of his notes. "Here's my love song!" Dausch is fulfilled. "We haven't played it for a long time. It's for our loved ones that aren't here on earth. This is for you my love."

'Loveland' starts with acoustic guitar and harmonica, as the stage floods a smoky red. The harmonica solo is extremely impressive and the song is an interesting respite.

'Better Off' brings the dance right back, before a cover of 'Tainted Love' transports us to a Berlin underground where red lights rule. 'Fado' follows as people clamber atop shoulders to feel the energy.

Milky Chance.4
Image © Hayden Nixon

A tom drum solo moves the mood into almost a trance-like state, as the band goes into a very deep house cover of Culture Club's 'Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?'.

'Don't Let Me Down' follows and Rehbein is dancing recklessly, like he's completely free. It's very inspired. The song culminates in a truly amazing union of sound and visuals. A standout moment.

'Flashed Junk Mind' proves a fan favourite before 'Stolen Dance' steals the show with its infectious groove. 'Colorado' commences the encore before 'Running' has the crowd raving. Rehbein gets the entire crowd down on their knees before they spring up and dance. It's super fun.

'Sweet Sun' closes with gusto and more harmonica. A set that traversed the highest mountains to the darkest clubs. Do we have to go home already? Not one person here is ready for that.

More photos from the concert.

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