Review: Lime Cordiale @ The Tivoli (Brisbane)

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  • Saturday, 18 July 2020 11:59
Lime Cordiale played The Tivoli (Brisbane) 17 July, 2020. Lime Cordiale played The Tivoli (Brisbane) 17 July, 2020.

Sinatra swoons as the socially distanced, seated soirée, Lime Cordiale at The Tivoli in Brisbane (17 July), settles in.

Mason Watts opens the show, solo on acoustic guitar with a handful of dapper pop melodies. His voice, a silk scarf to drape around the ears for cool comfort.

Dave, The Tivoli's Creative Director and co-owner, welcomed us between acts, thanking us for complying well with the COVID guidelines that help ensure gigs are able to happen, and keep happening.

Avid music consumer, Craig's been waiting 150 days to see live music again and it reminded him what he loved about gigs. "Very fresh and very now."

It's time for the night's headliner. Lime lights behind the band make the dual lounge settings on stage sparkle. They do get used later in the set when Felix dabbles solo on the keys.

'No Plans To Make Plans' parades itself like the perfect anthem for this time. . . the 'brass-off battle' between brother Louis on kazoo and Nicky 'Nighttime' on trombone cementing the craziness of the corona circumstance.

"Feels good to be out of the house," decrees moustached brother Oliver. What a line for the times! Everyone raucously concurs.

Lights go red and the wah pedal wanders to the fore for 'Screw Loose'. Who doesn't need a reminder to check their mental health, eh?

We need a minute to appreciate the drum solo, courtesy of "James Jennings on the biz", as introduced by Oli. . . Well, there are six more shows (all-ages, some tix left) for you to appreciate it yourself if you're down for some funky citrus vibes in your life.

"I don't know how we're finally on our own now, baby / I just don't care, I'll always want you here now, baby."

Yep. Thanks for being here gents, in (as you mentioned) one of the few cities we could currently do this in. Bless.



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