Review: Kimbra @ The Princess Theatre (Brisbane)

Kimbra played The Princess Theatre (Brisbane) on 31 May, 2023.
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As I entered The Princess Theatre, a 1888-built building, I could feel the pull of theatrics calling.

Attendees were seated around tables eager for the performances ahead. To start the night, Clea enthused the audience with a mixture of lo-fi pop, stirred with catchy lyrics ('Exit Game'), and a trifle of themes, while bringing all elements of self to the surface.

Kicked into step with a bob and creative-kid-like self, Bec Sandridge danced across the stage in knee-high socks, boots for any occasion and a rock & roll vibe, blending '80s pop with heavy synth sounds backed by Dave on drums filling the beat watching the crowd – smiles of satisfaction and bobs of heads in sync.

Bec recently produced and composed the score for 'Ishmael', a theatre show produced by Dead Puppet Society and staged at QPAC; she performed 'What Is The Cost Of Love' from that soundtrack fully animated with enthusiasm.

Touring from Sydney, Bec shared her tea time, tea cup in hand, mid set choosing a bit of time to nestle in as the New Zealand Grammy Award winner was up next.

The sounds of chimes and Asian instruments played slowly building up to the main act. A rumble of sound and low tones reverberated as the Kimbra walked to the microphone in a stripped dress shirt and pants.

Kimbra - image © Elliot Cahill

Before commencing her set, she made a request of the audience to refrain from applauding her, as her live vocal loops and much more were on their way as the lights dimmed to a soft entrance of sound.

You knew you were up for more than music and The Princess Theatre was the perfect place for this social experiment to take place.

'The Way We Were' is a deep reflection of past lovers and moments shared with people of the older times, the intimate setting Kimbra created silenced the entire theatre, verbally bookmarking the power of attention and bringing everyone along with her.

Sharing facts, authentic genuine care for the evolution of the world and our ability to transform and expand, Kimbra digressed into the notions of improving and being a better person for others, allowing oneself to "stay for the person I'll be", constantly improving.

Kimbra - image © Elliot Cahill

"You give me a home onstage, so thank you for welcoming me Brisbane," she said acknowledging the crowd, before she called out 'Wandering Limbs', bringing guest singer Sam Lawrence to the stage for a duet of their well-known hit.

Kimbra finished with 'Settle Down' another known classic from her debut album 'Vows', with a standing ovation from the crowd at song's end.

Being in a 19th century building brought out the play actor in all of the musicians on the line-up. A deep and fruitful night.

More photos from the show.

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