Review: Jet @ The Fortitude Music Hall (Brisbane)

Jet played The Fortitude Music Hall (Brisbane) on 29 September, 2023 - image © Mike Lockheart (image from Adelaide concert on 22 September).
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Honouring their legacy as Aussie rock heroes, Jet delivered every fans dream show as they played their flagship debut album 'Get Born' front to back, enchanting the crowd at The Fortitude Music Hall late into the night (29 September).

Kickstarting the weekend with riffs and ballads alike, Jet would have fooled a passerby that this might have been them 20 years ago when their debut first shook up the stages of Australia.

The crowd was already bristling with anticipation before the band even stepped onstage, with support act Pacific Avenue showcasing their vibrant array of indie rock, bringing the energy higher and higher with their fuzzy guitar solos and thumping basslines.

They certainly set the bar high, impressing the enormous crowd that had gathered early with dazzling showmanship and music that thrummed with youthful energy.

Once it was time for Jet to take to the stage, the tension in the air was thick. The diverse audience was a testament to their legacy, pulling from all age groups.

Initially opening with songs from albums 'Shine On' (2006) and 'Shaka Rock' (2009), frontman Nic Chester announced to a roar from the crowd that they would be performing 'Get Born' front to back, in its purest form. And just like that, we were transported back to 2003.

Jet showed no signs of slowing down; despite the time that has passed and many years not playing together, their music is electric and their performance pitch perfect.

'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' was the moment everyone was waiting for; a piece of rock mythos known in households around the world, and the crowd rejoiced like Christmas had come early.

Fan favourites such as 'Rollover DJ' and 'Look What You've Done' set a precedent following this; a sign that the show was just starting.

As the album rolled on, the crowd surged up and down in tandem with the tracklist, swaying and bowing with slow grooves such as 'Move On', but ready to jump and scream when rock and roll hits such as 'Cold Hard Bitch' swung back around.

The band were evidently having the time of their lives, as Nic made sure to give every member their dues throughout the course of the evening.

However, it was the moments of unity between the stage and the crowd that solidified that this night was as much a celebration of the fans for their support as it was of the album itself.

Whether it was microphones pointing out from the stage or lead guitarist Cameron Muncey joking with members of the audience, the unity felt in the room was all encompassing.

The breaking down of barriers between band and supporters came when Nic borrowed a camera from the front row, and simply snapped a picture of the crowd. A special moment between fans and idols.

It was evident that time has allowed Jet to perfect their art. Songs were crisp and balanced, allowing gentle melodies to fill the room before screeching guitar solos tore through the harmony.

In particular, Mark Wilson's driving bass was prominent, and the iconic opening to 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' had all eyes on the man and his weapon of choice.

As if fans hadn't been treated enough already, the encore included brand new single, the unreleased 'Little Fish'. It was a concoction of everything people love about Jet, and you could sense the crowd absorbed every second of the song, soaking up the experience. For many, the question as to whether it hints at any official releases on the horizon remains teased but unanswered.

Jet once again proved why they are such a celebrated band, performing at an unprecedented level for a group that has existed for over 20 years now.

Flying guitar lines blasted across the room in moments of madness, the musical partnership of Nic and Cameron reaching unparalleled heights. Their fingers fluttering across guitar frets, they alternated roles as the set list grew nearer to its closing stages.

And just like that, the show culminated with the tumultuous 'Rip It Up'. It was a fitting end for the show; a song that is beloved by fans, embodying everything Jet stands for as merchants of Australian rock & roll. No band treats its fans quite like Jet does, and this tour has been the pinnacle of this.

- written by Callum Crowe

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