Review: BIGSOUND Live 2022 Night Three Part Two (Brisbane)

Clea showcased at 2022 BIGSOUND (Brisbane).

Day three is here! We're here (8 September), feet slightly recovered and ready to rock and roll.

First up Beddy Rays headline the Oztix party at The Brightside. Their warm, surfy rock is a great way to start the night. Then grentperez's rock pop starts inside and everyone is jumping and having a great time.

We're off to JACOTENE next, our triple j Unearthed High School winner at BLVD. It's packed to the rafters and she does not disappoint, sporting some Amy Winehouse-esque vocals and launching into a massive high note. It's easy to see why she won.

O'Skulligans is next and Toby Hobart is absolutely wonderful, vocals smooth and bandmates sporting hot pink bandanas. His house-pop is infectious. Now for Blute's where Banjo Lucia brings a moody severity that makes you linger. Her voice is intricate and layered, truly an experience.

Mali Jose are taking over Ric's Backyard and the walls are literally shaking. The synth lines are catchy and the beats bouncy. On to The Loft where THE RIOT are taking over with their blaring rock. The lead singer is charismatic and commanding. The audience loves it.

At Press Club, cookii's dance-pop is a stark contrast, and it is fun. Really fun. Forest Claudette's vibe is slowly taking over a full Stranded. He seems to be enjoying himself in green overalls sans shirt. The songs are slick and it's a great vibe. One to watch.

At the Prince Consort, Babitha showcases her folk rock in a stunning lacey dress with a grey guitar. Her band is tight and it sounds amazing. You really can't beat a full band. Daniel Shaw was gentle and tender at Prohibition. I wish I had more time here.

At Sound Garden, San Joseph was warm and engaging with his pop. In a similar vein, Mitch Santiago lights up Summa House in a white singlet and cheeky mo. The multi-instrumentalist layers his songs with care as his reverb'ed vocals touch your heart.

Things are winding up at EC where Kid Pharaoh takes his rap to the stage, complete with Egyptian track backing. It's intense and energetic. At Ric's, Moonboy showcases some truly smooth vocals atop his R&B pop. He dances around and sings high in his blue hoody. It feels like summer is here already.

Meanwhile at Black Bear, Ivey showcase their house-pop sound, and it's groovy. The crowd is strong and they're not going anywhere. Mr Rhodes bursts into track 'Wonderous' at Tomcat and the crowd is invited to join in. His rap is fast and groovy. He's one to watch.

At La La Land, Fash is energetic and fine, dancing around while he delivers his shiny rap. He's confident and it carries. Next door, Jem Cassar-Daly is inviting with her country-pop vocals and bright-orange pants and colourful shirt. A supreme professional.

Back to Prohibition where Ayesha Madon sings "f... it I hate you" with stunning, souly vocals. She is comedic, telling the crowd her water bottle is full of vodka, but her songs are not. She is one to come back for.

Off to Ivory for some change of pace with Andrew Swift's country vocals extending over the crowd. He announces that his childhood crush Libby from 'Neighbours' was in the film clip for his song 'Head Full Of Honey'. "Don't act like you're not impressed," he chides.

His voice is one of the most impressive of the night. The songs are catchy and you would love to see him with a backing band. Upstairs, KEYAN launches the roof off with his frenetic but ridiculously clean heavy guitar playing and full band.

A total change of pace at Blute's where Kee'ahn brings her soul. It's beautiful and you could stay here all night, watching her perform beneath the neon lights. Aodhan take over Black Bear, and they're tight, the guitars are melodic and intriguing.

Eliza Hull is mesmerising and brooding at Outpost. The crowd is captivated. LEMAIRE brings the vibe up at Press Club with his funk rap, and the crowd is bopping.

At The Warehouse, the Andrew Gurruwiwi Band is extensive, chaotic and a lot of fun. Has to be seen to be understood. BOY SODA's trap rap keeps the energy high, and Ivory is packed. He tells the crowd to give their partner sexy eyes, and launches into his track.

Tentendo play frenetically with alien masks on their heads. It's a lot, but the musicianship is there.  Melaleuca are taking over the Prince Consort with their Aussie rock and the crowd is big. Energy is high, as needed at 10.30pm.  Upstairs, Mulalo entertained with his trap rap. Nobody left and he was enigmatic. A solid performance.

At The Brightside, Five Island Drive are giving it absolutely everything they have with their hardcore. The lead singer sports long, blond Axl Rose hair, black shiny pants and a shiny red, floor-length jacket. As hardcore goes, they are really good. I mean, really good.

Blute's, and Gold Fang are spitting their souly rap. It's hard to get in, the lines are extending.  Upstairs at Black Bear, Grievous Bodily Calm are well balanced and funky. The sound is spectacular and the melodies are expansive. It's like being in a dream sequence.

At The Outpost, The Wolfe Brothers' country is everything you could want and more. It's thick, smooth and feel-good. Well it is country after all. A really enjoyable set.

Germein keep the country going at Sound Garden. Their harmonies are beautiful and warm, and the songs are heartfelt. Would definitely watch again. Merci, mercy are ridiculously feel-good and bouncy with their dreamy pop at Ivory. Their songs are as good as the singer's eyeliner – flawless.

Adam Newling's voice has character and the songs are jumpy, almost like a happier Dylan. Ashwarya got Ric's bouncing with her rap. The light show is exceptional, and the mood is high.

Full Flower Moon Band are dark, heavy and mysterious at Blute's. Over at BLVD, Tulliah is spellbinding in her gypsy attire. Her songs may be sad, but they are soothing and the live cello stirs your heartstrings.

Clea reverberates the night sky around Brightside and it is magical. Old Mervs bring some cheek and some good tunes to O'Skulligans.

CLOE TERARE's dreampop/rap shakes La La Land, as she asks "where my cowboys at?". Pink Matter are brooding and dreamy, and it's very danceable.  Birdz are tight and energetic, pumping the crowd up for the afterparty.

BIGSOUND is done for another year. My feet are begging for a rest, but my ears are very, very happy. BIGSOUND, you took if out of me, but you gave so much back. Now all we can do is wait for next year.

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