Remote Control Records Release Compilation Album 'Bloom And Simmer' Featuring 21 Unreleased Tracks By Local Artists

HANDSOME have covered Christine and the Queen's 'The Walker' featuring Essie Holt for a Remote Control Records compilation album. HANDSOME have covered Christine and the Queen's 'The Walker' featuring Essie Holt for a Remote Control Records compilation album.

'Bloom And Simmer' is a new compilation record from Remote Control Records featuring 21 unreleased tracks from their roster of artists including Methyl Ethel, Carla Geneve, Jeremy Neale and Milwaukee Banks.

A celebration of community, connexion and creativity, this is the music they make when they're not making music; a dive beneath the waves, a journey off the beaten path, a glimpse behind the curtain.

With 'Bloom And Simmer' set for release 26 June (click here to pre-order), the artists featured are pooled from Dot Dash Recordings, Barely Dressed Records, Pool House Records, Part Time Records and Interstate 40.

Two tracks from the release are available to stream now: 'Worry Wart' from Sunbeam Sound Machine and HANDSOME'S cover of Christine and the Queen's 'The Walker' featuring Essie Holt.

"When you love a song so dearly, and you have the opportunity to make it your own it is such a privilege," HANDSOME says about 'The Walker'.

"There are so many elements that excite me about releasing this song. Its political sentiment is both educational and powerful.

"Making this song with Essie Holt was truly wonderful. It just felt so right – to release a cover of a song by a queer woman, with two queer women about the power of our community, in pride month. Hopefully, it is a reminder to some that we are here for each other."

Speaking about 'Worry Wart' Sunbeam Sound Machine shares: "This song has been kicking around in my head for years.

"I've tried to record versions of it for previous albums, but it just didn't quite work so it never made the cut.

"I started recording it again this year and although it finally came together, I still didn't feel like it would fit onto the next album. That's when Dot Dash rang asking if I had anything I'd want to put onto a compilation.

"The song is about a frequent daydream I had when I was very little about my family having secretly been aliens the whole time, and the day when they all revealed their secret and flew away. I think it's about wanting to hold onto your loved ones."

Bloom And Simmer Track List

1. Methyl Ethel - Holy Days
2. HANDSOME - The Walker ft. Essie Holt
3. Carla Geneve - Red Rocks
4. Sunbeam Sound Machine - Worry Wart
5. Obscura Hail - Martyr
6. Gena Rose Bruce - Upper Hand
7. Jess Ribeiro - Ghost
8. Sui Zhen - All I Really Want (Alanis Morissette Cover for Sissy Screens)
9. Huntly - Tempelhof (Ahm's Saviour Remix)
10. friendships - Purebred Dogs (friendships VIP)
11. Milwaukee Banks - Hold the Phone
12. Ryan Downey - Good Time Girl (Sofi Tukker Cover)
13. Dorsal Fins - Heart on the Floor (Live at Newmarket)
14. Soaked Oats - Houdini (Live at The Others Way 2019)
15. Jess Locke - Change Anything
16. Siberian Tiger - Everything is Free
17. Jeremy Neale - Doom and Terrorise
18. Wolf & Cub - The Watcher
19. Velociraptor - Ramona (Acoustic)
20. Gabriella Cohen - Let's Stay and Look At The Moon (Demo)
21. Black Cab - Empire States (Live in Sydney)



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