Regurgitator, Custard & Front End Loader Unite For A One-Off Sydney Show

Regurgitator Regurgitator

In news that will hearten lovers of '90s Aussie rock, three of the country's finest purveyors of underground noise (Regurgitator, Custard and Front End Loader) will gather once more in Sydney this winter for a one-off gig labelled 'A Live Pro Forma Show'.

'In a void came the rumble, a growling onset of marching feet as an audience swelled like the surging sea level rise, clambering for that forgotten stage of phantoms as a matter of just form.

'The clowns of power may juggle their softening brains reaching for the SLAPP but the trained humans dance to the common tune of a free and caring menagerie. Let them feast on the positional goods of modern entertainment.

'As a limited offer comes this one-off opportunity for non-functional tokens – everyone should make fun out of steam and unleash the power of the live pro forma.

'Riddled with a bout of truth decay and candy-coated corruption what better to challenge the coordinated inauthentic behaviour so apparent in our conflict of a society than serving up the domestic products of a bygone era:

'From the suns of our reaches REGURGITATOR...

'From the gelatine of good times CUSTARD...

'From the school of hard rocks FRONT END LOADER...

'Juggle me this fatman...'

A Live Pro Forma Show featuring Regurgitator, Custard and Front End Loader takes place at Enmore Theatre (Sydney) 9 July. Tickets available now.



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