Redland Bay Party Starters Beddy Rays Deliver Carefree Punk, Surf-Rock Vibes Straight To Your Speakers

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Brisbane band Beddy Rays new single is titled 'Better Weather'. Brisbane band Beddy Rays new single is titled 'Better Weather'.

Together since 2017, school buddies turned young tradies, Redland Bay's Beddy Rays serve up noisey punk-rock riffage, surf-rock melodies and Ocker vocals; add fish n chip wrapping and they'd be the perfect Friday night meal with a certified Australian Made badge.

2020 has already seen the Brisbane four-piece release single 'Sobercoaster', the track already amassing 300k-plus streams on Spotify.

Their newest creation is 'Better Weather', a song they recorded with Bugs' Brock Weston that they've released today.

It's not just another instant sing-along from Beddy Rays either. The band peddle the important yet simple message to remember to check in on your friends, especially in these COVID-challenged times. Simples.

"The song was written during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which really fuelled that feeling of being completely isolated with a lot going on in the world around me," frontman Jackson 'Jacko' Van Issum says.

Alongside Jacko, the band also comprises Lewy (guitar), Brad (bass) and Benny (drums). Let's go on a speed date with Jacko. . . it'll be fun.

Beddy Rays; what's the band's life story?
We met on the primary school oval in the summer of 2002. Brad and me bonding over 007 on the Nintendo 64, while Benny and Lewy were creating Lego masterpieces amazing the entire cohort.

After years of riding pushbikes around the streets and playing in each other's footy teams we grew a passion for punk-rock music. All picking up guitars, we'd jam on our lunch breaks but high school was coming to an end so we started a band.

Benny picked up the sticks and Brad moved to bass. We'd cart the PA around and play every party we could. A few beers later we started playing venues and recorded our debut EP.

Your new single is 'Better Weather'; the floor is yours, tell us a bit about it?
The song was written about a month in to COVID, right when everything started shutting down.

The song speaks about someone not being in the best headspace and pulling out of social events with friends. Even though social events aren't a prominent thing right now, we think of it as a reminder to check in on your mates through these difficult times.

You worked with Bugs' Brock Weston on 'Better Weather'; what did he bring to the project?
We've always been big fans of Bugs since we first saw them at The Foundry a few years ago.

Brock's got a real knack for capturing that slap to the face that people feel at a live show. After recording 'Sobercoaster' with him, it was a no brainer to record our latest single 'Better Weather' with him.

Speaking of the band's previous single, the weekend party starter 'Sobercoaster', which received a lot of love from triple j; you must've been stoked with that response?
Yeah, we are so bloody stoked with the response!

We were jumping up and down when we heard it was getting premiered on Home & Hosed, and then when we heard it got added to full rotation it was deadest a dream come true! Hearing it in the middle of the day when we're at work sloggin' away is one of the best feelings!

There's been a number of single releases the past 12 months; when can we expect the Beddy Rays debut album to land?
Ooo, this one is a toughy. To be honest, we don't really know ourselves but rest assured we're always writing so when the time comes we'd love to release one.

Let's talk live shows; anything on the horizon, and how much band practice will you guys need to get back in good on-stage form (given the long lay-off caused by COVID)?
Well, it's all up in the air at the moment. So many great festival opportunities have fell on the COVID sword, which is a massive bummer. We're still doing our best to stay gig fit squeezing in a jam as often as possible.

When you're not focused on music, what else occupies your time?
We love a cheeky visit to the pub (obvs), watching the footy on the tele and going to the beach for a good old camp and a fish. We all have full-time jobs too: Benny is a landscaper, Brad is a chippy, I'm a fridgy and Lewy is a diesel mechanic.

We're getting close to the return of hot, sweltering days; Beddy Rays advice for the ultimate summer backyard party?
A truckload of beers, a smoked brisket, a big-ass pool (inflatable or not), LOUD MUSIC, pissed off neighbours all wrapped up in a tortilla of ya best mates!

Most underrated thing about living in Redland Bay?
What it lacks in beach and surf, it makes up for in mud crabs and barge waves. Why? 'Cause who doesn't love a juicy buck and surfin' a gnarly barge wave in to the muddy mangroves.

To date, our most embarrassing moment as a band was the time?
We're pretty easy goin' blokes so we don't get embarrassed too easily, but here’s a funny story.

We asked Lewy's old man if we could take his boat out for a fish and the answer was a flat out no, but we did it anyway and almost sunk it because we forgot to put the bungs in. The passing boats laughing at us bailing water out while trying to gun it back to shore was not our proudest moment. Ha ha!

Any suggestions for shows to binge-watch?
Lewy reckons 'Narcos' on Netflix is an absolute cracker. Brad reckons ya can't go wrong with a 'Dragon Ball Z' marathon. Benny can't go past 'Futurama'. And I'm not much of a binger, but love a quick 20-minute forensic files flick before bed.

Do you have any phobias... please explain?
Rest of the band: We have a phobia of Jacko's farts because they’re super sneaky.



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