QMusic Connect Unveils The Masterclass Series Facilitated By Dom Miller

Dom Miller is QMusic Development and Program Manager; he facilitates QMusic Connect's Masterclass series.
National Music Editor, based in Brisbane, Australia.
'Passionate about true crime docos, the Swannies, golf and sleep, I’ve been writing about music for 20-plus years. What I’ve learnt? There’s two types of music – good and bad.’

Launched earlier this month, QMusic Connect is series of free, online workshops designed for Queensland musicians and available to stream via QMusic's Facebook page.

After six sessions focussed on the current COVID-19 pandemic, with a further four dedicated to the regional areas of Queensland, QMusic Connect now turns to the Masterclass segments.

Facilitated by QMusic Development and Program Manager's Dominic Miller, the Masterclass workshops will feature an array of music industry experts covering an extensive range of including songwriting, the business side of music, social media, digital marketing and release strategies.

To take place every Thursday from 5.30pm EST, the first segment was staged last week featuring panelists Kellie Lloyd (APRA AMCOS) and Donna Woods (APRA AMCOS).

You'll be facilitating the Masterclass segment of QMusic Connect; what can viewers expect from this series of online workshops?
[Dom Miller] Essentially, we're talking to a whole range of incredibly talented and intelligent music industry experts about what they know best.

It's the best of the best in our opinion, and they're being streamed live to whoever wants to watch all over the state (and the country)! We're pretty happy with the line-up we've got building.

What sort of subjects will be discussed?
The works! We kick things off with a masterclass around songwriting, then move into running a music business from both an artist perspective and music worker perspective.

But we also get into the nitty gritty of streaming, PR, social media, digital marketing, release cycles and strategy, and even touring (albeit long-term planning at the moment). It's a great range of topics, even if we do say so ourselves.

How interactive will the workshops be; can the audience ask questions live?
Absolutely, they can. They're encouraged. All the workshops are streamed live on the QMusic Facebook page and viewers are encouraged to ask questions in the comments section. We want everyone asking everything that want to know.

The list of panelists is to be finalised, but who are some of the special guests that will be appearing?
We've got an incredible list coming together.

• John Mullen (Head of A&R at Dew Process)
• Stu McCullough (Amplifire – he's the manager for The Jungle Giants, Confidence Man and has worked with some of the country's biggest acts)
• Kristy Gostelow (Kadence Group, who manages Busby Marou and Tia Gostelow)
• The one and only Rhianna Patrick (ABC Radio)
• Nick Lynagh (co-manager of Gang Of Youths and Middle Kids)
• Tyler McLoughlan (sync agent with Sound Pound)

And that's just the beginning. We'll also have some of the country's biggest artists on each and every panel to give their two cents. We're really excited.

Who is the Masterclass series aimed at?
We're saying anyone and everyone involved in music. No matter what level you're at, or where you're from, who you're working with, there'll be something for you in each and every masterclass, but of course we want to keep it accessible, so we'll be talking from the ground up. And ANYONE can ask questions.

How do people get involved?
They just tune into the QMusic Facebook page from 5.30pm on Thursdays and we'll be there. If they miss it, they can watch them ANYTIME on our Facebook videos tab, website and YouTube channel. Don't forget we've got 12 panels already sitting there as part of our COVID-19 immediate response series.

Not only are you the facilitator of the series, you’ve also been the producer bringing it all together; how have you found the restrictions of lockdown and herding so many cats in the virtual world?
You know, it's actually been easier than you'd think. Everyone is at home, so people are pretty keen and available. Everyone has been SUPER generous with their time and we couldn't be more grateful.

QMusic Connect also featured recent series focused on the response to COVID-19 (across a range of topics) as well as a number of shows dedicated to regional areas; how did they go and is there potential for more online panel discussions for regional areas?
They were great. It was a lot of chat about things that are affecting not just musicians, but the whole world right now. I think our incredible panellists really gave some information, which is going to help people.

The regional series was a highlight. It's such a big state and sometimes our regional mates get a bit forgotten. To connect with those people in those areas was fantastic, and yes, we will be doing another series of regional panels. Once this has all blown over, we will be getting to those regional areas in person as soon as we can.

Away from the Connect series, last month you joined QMusic as Development and Program Manager. Aside from the obvious social distancing restraints, have you been able to since your teeth into the role?
Definitely. I am loving the new role. It's such an unfortunate time for Queensland musicians and music workers all over the state and I am very lucky to be in a position to help them all out as much as I can.

We can't wait for the next series of panels, and to be able to get back around the state in person again, but if anyone reading this needs advice or support right now, please call or email us at QMusic.

QMusic Connect Masterclass series takes place every Thursday at 5.30pm EST. Click here for more information.

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