Premiere: Watch Wallis Bird's New Video 'Life Is Long'

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Wallis Bird's new single is titled 'Life Is Long'. Wallis Bird's new single is titled 'Life Is Long'.

Irish musician Wallis Bird is back with fresh, new music in the form of the bright, upbeat indie pop goodness of 'Life Is Long'.

The song came to life during a family weekend in West Ireland and encompasses a vital carpe diem mindset: 'Life is long / But the time is short.'

"The song stemmed from a weekend away in the west of Ireland with my parents," Wallis says. "It was a hilarious, story filled, silly and special weekend spent in incredible landscape, a load of pubs, and fine restaurants.

"We all got drunk one evening and I walked them to their hotel room; we were chatting and laughing, they got into bed and my Mam says 'get in ta bed' and after some protesting I just eventually said and I did, I slept beside them.

"We were all hugging each other and it was as pure as if I was a little child again. So I couldn’t resist writing a song about that!"

'Life Is Long', which is lifted from Wallis' forthcoming album 'Woman' (released 27 September), is available publicly tomorrow. But Wallis has shared with scenestr an early-bird peak at the song's accompanying video that we're pumped to share with you today. Enjoy.

The idea behind the video was work-shopped with a couple of video makers who Wallis has collaborated with previously. "The idea was that of the video makers Marius Mueller and Christian Fröhlich," Wallis says.

"We worked on the 'As The River Flows' video [together] and so we've decided to work together on a few projects.

"They are a super talented and focused young team. Their idea was to create a lightbox of memories, one of beauty and one of reminiscence. The passing of time.

"It's a very simple format for a video, but it's certainly beautiful and uses various era 'looks': analogue '80s, brittle '90s digital and contemporary. They work like dogs and are fab people. We shared a lot of laughter :)

"There's a line in the song that goes 'overwhelming landscape, spectacular, advancing', which (please say it out loud to yourself!) is quite a mouthful and there I was mouthing to camera almost every time ‘expaacular spectacling’, which has now become a thing!"


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