Premiere: Watch Tyrants' New Music Video 'Step Back'

Tyrants are an indie rock band. Tyrants are an indie rock band.

Self-described (on their Facebook page) as three 'intelligent microwave engineers', when they're not conferring about the correct time to zap you three-day-old leftover takeaway, the lads of Tyrants can be found jamming together, working towards the release of their debut EP.

The NSW alternative rockers released their debut single, the polished, AM radio indie sounds of 'Kelpie', late last year.

While almost 12 months have transpired without any more releases, Tyrants are ready to deliver the next offering of their reverb-soaked surf riffs and driving punk grooves with 'Step Back'.

A track overflowing with a vigorous energy, the indie feels remain strong throughout with competing tempos allowing the song to move, breathe and expand with an organic flow.

"A massive relief to have finally put out some music after nearly a year of no releases, this single definitely defines a sense of freedom and relationships for all of us in the band," lead guitarist and vocalist Dylan Butler says.

"Whether it be surfing, hanging out, taking time off work or just realising all the beautiful things you have in life that are right in front of you that get taken away by our sometimes mundane day to days."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (12 November), scenestr is stoked to premiere the 'Step Back' music video today. Enjoy.

The video clip features the three lads escaping their everyday lives for a day surfing that quickly morphs into the ultimate beach party with mates featuring craziness with inflatable pool toys and boogieboard-styled shoeys.

Though it also features a sobering message about overindulging at the expense of other relationships.

Tyrants' debut EP will be titled 'Firelight Sundrive' and is scheduled for release in late January. The band support Lemon Joe at Coast Hotel (Central Coast) 11 December.



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