Premiere: Watch The Burley Griffin's New Music Video 'Being Alive'

The Burley Griffin have released a music video for their track 'Being Alive'.
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The project of Evan Buckley, The Burley Griffin is an indie outfit that meanders soulfully through folk, Americana, and rootsy-rock material.

Last year, Evan released the third album in The Burley Griffin's discography, 'Lost Limbs', with many of the songs birthed after Buckley toured the US during the 2016 election campaign that reflect the absurdity of the American Dream in a modern world.

Lifted from 'Lost Limbs', 'Being Alive' is a track that ruminates about lessons learned from one's own mistakes as well as finding the time to sift through the bruised emotions associated with a relationship breakdown to source moments of positivity within the landscape of a shattered heart.

Musically, the track's warmth glows like the dying embers of a campfire offering a restrained rhythm that slow-waltzes through the darkening horizon, the delicate guitar riff echoing the feels of a pining heart.

Evan has teamed with award-winning filmmaker Stackhat (aka Tim Kent) – whose previous assignments have included Sampa The Great and Flying Lotus – to create a music video for 'Being Alive'.

Gorgeously filmed, the stark, desolate, and dilapidated locations featured in the video add to the song's general melancholy, offering the viewer an escape into a world mirroring the sullen, glum overtones of 'Being Alive'.

scenestr is stoked to premiere the 'Being Alive' music video today. Enjoy.

Filmed on Ngunnawal and Gundungurra land, on locations of Lake George, an abandoned orphanage in Goulburn and a secret patch of roadside gravel, Tim and Evan have captured the visual world elicited by 'Being Alive', in all its tragic absurdity.

The decaying walls and collapsed floors of the old orphanage mirror the burden of grief, fallen structures that once held so many stories, now mostly forgotten.

The broad vista of Lake George echoes the stark, internal landscape that remains when shared courses are abandoned and direction loses its meaning.

Yet in its final scenes, 'Being Alive' offers a wry smile and nod to the audience, acknowledging how little we can control and how much still lies ahead – joy and pain, hope and loss, that's all part of the ride.

"The dark and complicated history of 'the most haunted orphanage in NSW' seemed like the perfect backdrop for Evan's brooding melancholic masterpiece," shares Stackhat.

"Shooting on Lake George was also a must for me; not only is it a vast empty landscape, but also a sign to most travelling Canberrans that home is just around the corner."

The Burley Griffin 2022 Tour Dates

Sun 4 Sep - Yulli's (Sydney)
Sat 24 Sep - Grace Emily Hotel (Adelaide)
Wed 28 Sep - Shotkickers (Melbourne)

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