Premiere: Watch Sun Affair's Debut Music Video 'Sun Affair feat. Rohan Iyer'

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Sun Affair is the new project from Sydney-based songwriter Wesley Stormer. Sun Affair is the new project from Sydney-based songwriter Wesley Stormer.

Sun-kissed, laidback soul that mingles with chilled funk-blues – welcome to the world of Sun Affair, the new 'feel-good' project from Sydney-based songwriter Wesley Stormer.

Embodying his love of 1970s songwriting and arrangements that fans of Steely Dan and Hall & Oates will simply adore, 'Sun Affair' is the first of four singles that will make up the 'First Sign Of Light' EP featuring a host of Sydney and Blue Mountains musicians including three different lead vocalists: Rohan Iyer, Lars Parto and Blake Dantier.

"The title definitely came to me first and subsequently became the title of the project," Wesley says.

"Being the title track meant there was some extra pressure. The tone set by this song would set the vibe for the future of the project, so it had to be done right."

A song 'about heading down to your favourite spot with your mates and having some beers', the video clip (which was filmed during 'the blissful ignorance of summer 2019') for 'Sun Affair' infuses all of these elements – and scenestr is stoked to premiere the video. Enjoy.

"That was such a fun day," beams Wesley. "Essentially, I just wanted the clip to be a group of friends hanging out and having a quality time and that's what we got.

"Incidentally, my friends had just purchased a little white boat and I knew that had to be in the clip.

"Blake and I dressed completely in white and took it out for its maiden voyage. We definitely ended up stuck in the reeds a few times, but thankfully that footage didn't make the final cut."

Keep your eyes on the horizon for new Sun Affair tunes coming early 2021.



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