Premiere: Watch Spinning Cupids' New Music Video 'Second Thought'

Spinning Cupids are an indie rock band from Sydney.
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A rock band who've only been around for a year or so, Sydney's Spinning Cupids are already creating a ripple across the local indie pond since their debut single 'Pray'.

There's an easy-going assuredness to the band's sound, a polished finish belying their relative newness that stamps them as a talented group of musicians worthy of your attention.

Spinning Cupid's newest release is the single 'Second Thought', which dropped last month, that adds an alternative grunginess to the band's equation.

The drum-heavy song pounds out a delectable beat, married to vocalist Hassam Muhammad's stirring, almost pleading voice that hypnotises you as the track explodes in a wall of gritty, yet glossy rock & roll.

The track then descends into a distorted swirl of washed-out, reverb heavy noise, the vocals crumbling into a void of dank heaviness with searing guitar licks and intense drum rolls.

"Fuelled by heavy distortion, a powerful chorus and ethereal melody, 'Second Thought' serves as a powerful plea to confront one's own corrupt nature," shares Hassam.

Spinning Clouds have teamed with filmmaker James Tyrrell to create a music video for the song, which finds the band in the middle of a house party where everyone is absorbed in their own interactions.

Ahead of the clip's release on Friday (13 October), scenestr is stoked to premiere the 'Second Thought' music video today. Enjoy.

"The music video encapsulates a chaotic party where everyone is far too absorbed within themselves to notice anyone or anything around them," adds Hassam. "The band, unnoticed by this crowd, is constantly disrupted as the night progresses.

"All the chaos comes to a halt, courtesy a powerful performance from the band. To get this message across a sort of mannequin challenge was carried out by our extras."

Spinning Cupids 2023 Tour Dates

Sat 21 Oct - Huxley's (Sydney)* supporting Gilded Rose
Thu 26 Oct - Lansdowne (Sydney)* supporting Lemonise
Sat 4 Nov - Belka Fest @ The Lady Hampshire (Sydney)

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