Premiere: Watch Sleepy Lizard's New Music Video 'Can't Help It'

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Sleepy Lizard's new single is titled 'Can't Help It'. Sleepy Lizard's new single is titled 'Can't Help It'.

Adelaide indie pop-rockers Sleepy Lizard are back with an enticing new single, 'Can't Help It', that fans of Client Liaison and Vaudeville Smash are really going to enjoy.

Like a velvety-smooth cocktail of '80s synthpop and modern funk oozing luscious guitar riffs drenched in wonderful, sexy sax, Sleepy Lizard deliver an intoxicating blend of futuristic vintage sounds.

Led by Bill Meegan’s rich vocal tone, it’s hard not to be swept up in nostalgic dream-ballad vibes when hearing him sing of a well-known narrative; knowing one would be better off moving on, but failing to pull themselves out of the suffocating binds of blind love.

"The song is about the difficulty faced trying to move on after a break-up. It’s the tale of a dope-sick, love junkie."

The band recorded 'Can't Help It' with Adelaide music production legend Matt Hills (Horror My Friend, Wolf & Cub).

Ahead of the song's release on Friday (7 June), scenestr is wrapped to premiere today the accompanying music video for your viewing pleasure.

"I've always loved those '70s/ '80s clips," adds Bill, "where the band is pretending to record. It's just funny to think that people believed that's how a song was recorded, so we just went to town on parodying that idea."

The video clip was filmed at Twin Earth Studios and directed by Harry Nelli. "Working with Harry is so much fun," Bill says.

"We have a similar sense of humour, and I don't think it would be possible to do this sort of thing if that wasn't the case.

"It was hard not to laugh whilst we were shooting, the whole thing was just so over the top, but that's a big part of the band's vibe."

Sleepy Lizard launch 'Can't Help It' at Exeter Beer Garden (Adelaide) 15 June.



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