Premiere: Watch Sky Eater's New Music Video 'The Rain'

Sky Eater's new single is titled 'The Rain. Sky Eater's new single is titled 'The Rain.

After releasing their debut EP in January this year, the duo of Chelsea Skyeater (aka Chelsea McNelliey) and TK Bassdread (aka Tom Kelly) – who started collaborating in 2018 – are ready to release their next sonic offering, 'The Rain'.

Downtempo broken beat and trip-hop that hints at a Coldcut-Morcheeba-Zero 7 hybrid with flashes of reggae, 'The Rain' is a soothing sonic journey that began life after witnessing a helicopter rescue.

"The idea for the song 'The Rain' came about initially in far north Queensland after witnessing a helicopter rescue from a waterfall and contemplating the humanness in being captivated by something larger than ourselves and wanting to climb or conquer it," Chelsea says.

"How we are often striving to be something 'more' or something 'bigger'. Sometimes that can be quite overwhelming and unnecessary when all we really need to do is take a step back and breathe. The soundscape was inspired by old-school trip-hop loops, drawing on influences such as Portishead and wanting to add dub and neo-soul edges to that sound."

Ahead of the song's release on Wednesday (11 September), Sky Eater have shared exclusively with scenestr the accompanying music video for 'The Rain'. Enjoy.

"We wanted to find ways of working with water to create the clip, so Jimmy Watts from Bad Octopi Productions started some experiments and came up with some beautiful footage and ideas," continues Chelsea.

"I also wanted to film in double time while standing in the rain, so we could get a slowed-down effect in the final video, and we had the idea of using colour drops to make things more light-hearted, messy and fun!

"Seeing as rain isn’t that predictable (or great for expensive camera equipment, lights and backdrops), Jimmy and his team created a carport studio with a kids’ play pool for me to stand in and we made it rain. It was a pretty chilly night in the hills of Byron Bay hinterland and the water was cold - but hey, sometimes you've gotta sacrifice comfort in the name of art and we're so happy with how the film clip has turned out."

Sky Eater 2019 Tour Dates

Fri 13 Sep - Eddie’s Grubhouse (Gold Coast)
Sat 14 Sep - Sheoak Shack (Fingal Head, NSW)
14-15 Sep - Nimbin Roots Festival
Sun 22 Sep - Mitchell Creek Rock n Blues Festival (Sunshine Coast)
Wed 25 Sep - Horse Bazaar (Melbourne)
Thu 26 Sep - Bar Open (Melbourne)
Sun 29 Sep - The B. East (Melbourne)
Sun 13 Oct - Peregian Originals (Sunshine Coast)

24-27 Oct - Island Vibe Festival (SE QLD)
Sat 2 Nov - Hotel Brunswick (Northern Rivers)

22-24 Queenscliff Music Festival (VIC)



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