Premiere: Watch Sali Bracewell's New Music Video 'Howl At The Moon'

Sali Bracewell's new single is titled 'Howl At The Moon'.
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Welsh/ Australian ethereal-folk artist Sali Bracewell is ready to release the second single, 'Howl At The Moon', from her forthcoming album 'Kismet' - which is set for an early 2020 release.

Sali has performed in ancient castles in Wales, at festivals in Australia and the UK and in the snowy mountains of BC, Canada. She has shared the line-up with the Dalai Lama at the Convention Centre in Sydney and will often be found singing in her native tongue, the ancient Welsh language, in and around her home town of Byron Bay.

'Howl At The Moon' is a haunting piano ballad that leaves prickles on your skin throughout with bruised vocals painting a picture of living in an unsuitable relationship.

scenestr is stoked to share an exclusive premiere of the music video for 'Howl At The Moon', which was filmed at the Advancetown Lake on the Gold Coast under a full moon in June 2019. The clip portrays Sali performing on a candlelit antique piano embroiled in flora, in the middle of the still, misty waters. It is a visual depiction of the song's austerity and a haunting portrayal of a woman's embittered solace.

"'Howl At The Moon' actually started its life as a drum & bass track," Sali says. "I was working with Logic and my RC300 trying to create a song representational of the anger and frustration I was feeling being in an unsuitable relationship at the time.

"I had written this monologue of plosive lyrics, which ranted on atop a really busy beat and was all set for war with it! It really was the angry child of the album, the black sheep, the ugly ducking.

"I wanted to convey just how frustrating it was to be knocking on the door of someone who wasn't interested in relationship at the time and thought the best way to do it was to make a big, angry beat and sing-rap on top of it.

"In the studio, Greg O'Shea (K-OS) had me holding a kitchen knife while I was singing to try and coax my frustrations back into the performance! I found that absolutely hilarious of course, but it worked.

"During the year it took to record my debut album, 'Kismet', Greg living in Melbourne and me in Byron Bay, other songs took precedence over 'Howl'.

"It sat there brooding in its own chagrin for almost 11 months while other songs blossomed. 'But what about 'Howl'?' we muttered, as we worked tirelessly arranging, planning, tracking.

"It was at the very end of my last visit to Melbourne, in Greg's sister Bec's kitchen, that 'Howl' was truly birthed. I was sitting there by the piano, exhausted from the consecutive, 14-hour days in the studio, tinkling away through the chord progressions, too tired to be angry, slivers of the vestiges of hope wallowing adrift a sea of exhaustion, when I started humming a ballad-style version of the song. Alas, something was happening, Greg and I could feel it.

"The track was then cajoled with the glorious help of Paul Ruske, into what is is today.

"I'm so grateful to those two men who helped tease the songs out from within me. They showed such creativity in building the soundscapes and moods that really give 'Kismet' its unique sound, while truly honouring my sonic desires. I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with them."

Then it was time to create a video to accompany 'Howl At The Moon'. "The video was shot under a full moon at the Advancetown Lake on the Gold Coast, by Noli Ganda of Byron Film and James Wright.

"Noli and his team of trusty filmmakers, some of which, Johannes Beer, I had worked with before for some promotional footage, came up with the concept.

"They took the lead with pretty much everything, scouting location, lighting, logistics. I simply turned up with the piano in a frock.

"It was a cold evening, things fell in the lake which really shouldn't fall in lakes, we were there all night long, the team chipping away, me with a hot water bottle under my dress. Jasmine decorated the piano so beautifully with foliage and candles that the whole scene looked really magical.

"After shooting and editing my last video for 'Cwch Bach Coch' independently with the help of Dave Trevitt and Simon Thornalley, I understood what a lot of work is involved in bringing a music video together.

"So it felt wonderful having the team there, supporting me and making it all happen. I'd totally recommend them to any musician looking for good quality promo."

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