Premiere: Watch Saint Barae's New Music Video 'Boys!'

Saint Barae is a indie pop artist from Gold Coast. Saint Barae is a indie pop artist from Gold Coast.

As his bio states, Gold Coast DIY-indie artist Saint Barae is 'the sound of a neon lit street at the stroke of midnight. Something classic made new.'

Clean, refined synthpop rhythms and a sparkling electronic bassline highlight Saint Barae's current single, 'Boys!', which is the final teaser ahead of his debut EP, 'Angel Armour', slated for release later this year.

"I made this song to make peace with my own struggles defining masculinity and the trauma of falling for guys who were dealing with their own internalised homophobia," Saint Barae says.

"I know it sounds really dark and heavy, but the end result feels more like a celebration of finding myself.

"There's a turning point at the song's bridge where I decide to put my own self-worth above being belittled by someone and it's truly glorious. It kind of captures that feeling of being your authentic self."

Now Saint Barae is ready to unveil a music video for 'Boys!', which was recorded at his recent, sold-out headline show at Vinnie's Dive Bar on the Gold Coast. scenestr is amped to premiere it today. Enjoy.

"It was such a dream to be able to capture this moment live on film – thank you so so much to everyone who came to make this unforgettable night possible, here's to many more."

When it came time to record 'Boys!', Saint Barae had to battle some interruptions from his fur baby. "When I recorded this song it was actually not an ideal setup at all.

"Like a lot of my other EP tracks the vocals were tracked in a walk in closet – and on this particular day when I had the inspiration to write 'Boys!', I had my housemates practising their own music and my cat screaming for my attention in the background.

"It's funny how I'll make things work when I really want to see them through – and maybe if you listen close enough you might be able to make out a meow or two in the background somewhere haha."

Saint Barae joins AYA J at Home of The Arts (Gold Coast) 14 May.



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