Premiere: Watch Roz Pappalardo's New Music Video 'Immune'

Roz Pappalardo's new single is titled 'Immune'. Roz Pappalardo's new single is titled 'Immune'.

A song she in wrote in an hour, two years before COVID-19, 'Immune' is the second single lifted from Roz Pappalardo's forthcoming new, solo album 'Sound The Alarm' (which is due later this year).

The story behind 'Immune' is one of self-discovery and realising an inner strength to forged ahead. "I wrote this song then, two years ago BC (Before Covid). Then, when my world seemed like it was in apocalypse. . . but now it is," Roz says.

"I've realised I am a mass gathering specialist – the more people the better – in my professional and personal life, so learning to live with myself as a result of that realisation has been quite the journey.

"It's been a short journey, but a steep, steep learning curve. What I've understood is that I'm a fighter, a warrior and pretty much OK on my own. I'm strong. Immune."

Produced by Jeff Lovejoy at Blackbox Studios, if you listen carefully to 'Immune' you'll hear the violin of Salliana Campbell. "Rock Opera is how Jeff described it," Roz says.

The song's film clip features two versions of Roz, which she dubs Crazy Roz (dressed in black) and Nice Girl Roz (dressed in white).

"The clip was filmed outside the Tanks Arts Centre [Cairns] one night during lockdown, all legally of course as we were carrying out work, and at a nature reserve in Kamerunga near a beautiful spot called Stony Creek," Roz says.

scenestr is stoked to premiere the music video for 'Immune'. Enjoy.



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