Premiere: Watch Oh My My's New Music Video 'Lover, Lover'

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Sydney duo, Oh My My's new single is titled 'Lover, Lover'. Sydney duo, Oh My My's new single is titled 'Lover, Lover'.

Sydney duo Oh My My (Tim Quaife and Sam Thomlinson) deliver another slice of fine dream-pop in the form of 'Lover, Lover', which achingly oozes break-up feels.

Melded around shimmery, yet stark production and vocals that lean into ballad territory, 'Lover, Lover' is an anthem for any romantic nursing a broken heart.

The song also ties together threads of nostalgia, regret and yearning, with the genesis of 'Lover, Lover' stemming from a real-life experience. "There was an ease to writing this song that felt natural, necessary and pretty magic," Tim admits.

"Once Sam spit out the line, 'lover, lover', everything fell into place for me lyrically. Coincidentally, I was in the midst of a pretty traumatic break-up and processing some very intense emotions.

"It all just spilled out and by the time we were done it felt somewhat triumphant. As if I was putting a very firm stamp on a painful part of my life. Cathartic."

The duo are ready to unveil an accompanying music vide for 'Lover, Lover', which also marks Sam's first foray into music video production. Ahead of its offical release, scenestr is amped to premiere the offical video for 'Lover, Lover' today. Enjoy.

"This is my first foray into making a music video, which was super daunting, but also really satisfying and such a great learning experience," Sam says.

"I recorded the video over two nights. We were lucky enough to have two super-talented friends, Neven Connelly and Cassandra Merwood, who were willing enough to put on some creepy masks and get stuck into their characters.

"The idea of the video was to reflect what happens in your head when you're going through a reasonably fresh break-up.

"It's hard not to imagine your ex-partner with someone else, and although it may be a little irrational, it's often hard not to demonise them, as somewhat of a coping mechanism."

The two characters in the 'Lover, Lover' video also have a bigger role to play with future Oh My My releases. "The characters in the video clip also have a deeper connection to the EP/ album that will be coming out," Sam says.

"The goal is to personify these inner demons that reflect some of the struggles Tim has gone through over the last year."



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