Premiere: Watch New Age Fruits' New Music Video 'Uncharted'

New Age Fruits are an indie rock band from Sydney.
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A quartet of close mates, New Age Fruits are an indie rock band from Sydney beginning to create ripples in the local music scene.

After honing their craft as a covers band playing locally inspired by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon, The Strokes, and Catfish And The Bottlemen, last year New Age Fruits focused on their original material releasing debut single 'Clearest Blue'.

Comprised of Martin Faulkner (vox/ guitar), Myles Harrison (drums), Mitch Reidy (lead guitar/ vox) and Eoin Feeney (bass), the band have continued their push into the live setting where they're regulars headlining their own shows.

New Age Fruits have also notched a number of impressive support gigs including British India and Telenova. Now they're ready to take the covers off their sophomore single, 'Uncharted'.

The song springs to life with Brit-pop flavoured gleaming guitars and a smooth, silky rhythm section that maintains the song's spacious flow that brings to mind 2000s heroes Evermore.

Martin's vocals provide a harmonious tone while the mid-song breakdown creates the sonic space for a sizzling guitar solo that's reminiscent of early Powderfinger.

"'Uncharted' was written about the feeling of reaching a certain place in a relationship where you feel you've explored all outcomes and that the next step is to move on, trust me and 'walk with me through the door, there's not much here for us to find anymore'," shares the band.

"It's also about trying something new, and the thought that if someone/ something close to you was leaving or ending, why wouldn't you just give something new a try? One more go? Otherwise you'll regret that you didn't once it's all over and you don't get another chance."

The song's music video finds the lads in an urban setting before walking through a door that transports them into an idyllic natural landscape.

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (23 June), be the first to watch the 'Uncharted' clip today. Enjoy.

"Recording the video clip was so much fun, and hilarious," adds Marty. "I was thinking it was a good idea to bring the 'take my hand and walk with me through the door' lyric to life.

"Also being a carpenter, I built a door frame and hung a door in a handful of different locations around the Kurnell National park area.

"Only thing I didn't think about was carrying this door between each location, so on filming day I had all my tools and set the door up at each location which was great until the prized shot at the Wanda Sand Hills.

"It took so long walking the door up the sand dunes that it actually went dark on us and we didn't get to film the shot of the door in daylight on the sand, instead shooting a funny clip where we used our phone lights as torches looking for something.

"It was hilarious, but it ended up fitting in and that bloody door will be getting burnt in the fire we are going to have with our celebration drinks at midnight when the song comes out hahaha!"

New Age Fruits launch 'Uncharted' at Marrickville Bowling Club (Sydney) on 7 July.

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