Premiere: Watch Necronata's New Music Video 'Cirque Du Freak'

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Necronata is the solo moniker of Australian musician Brendan Grace. Necronata is the solo moniker of Australian musician Brendan Grace.

Necronata is the solo musical moniker of North Sydney artist Brendan Grace.

Self-described as "MySpace-emo meets horror-punk with a story", Necronata (Brendan is also the vocalist of metalcore band Broken Earth) combines industrial synths and heavy rock with pop song structures and production.

After the release of his first single of 2020, 'Diabolocial', Necronata has re-imagined his debut release 'Cirque Du Freak' – this time featuring electronic-metal musician Le Vide.

"[The song was] recorded at a time where I discovered my screaming technique was WAY OFF," Brendan says, "which is partly why I contacted Le Vide because he really is one of the most versatile vocalists I know, and this song just needed that extra OOMPH in the bridge.

"Le Vide's section is a real slap in the face and it's about as heavy as I go as an artist, at this point.

"The lyrics follow on from the night after 'Diabolical'," adds Brendan, "where dark forces influence a predator-type sociopath to target the very protagonist from 'Diabolical' on a night out and seduce them.

"In doing so, his mind and body become host to this force and he truly devolves into the monster he's always been portrayed as."

Necronata has created a gory, horror-style comic video for 'Cirque Du Freak' that scenestr is stoked to premiere today. Enjoy.

"The video follows the escapades of a vampire in a monster-filled nightclub," Necronata says. "The comic is allegorically parallel to the actual story in its essence, but the video is far more brutal."



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