Premiere: Watch Murray Cook's Soul Movers' New Music Video 'You-Turn' feat. Josh Hardy of The Chats

'You-Turn' is the newest single from Murray Cook's Soul Movers featuring The Chats' Josh Hardy.
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A connection forged among the mud lakes of Splendour 2022 bonding over a shared love of Radio Birdman fostered the latest release from Murray Cook's Soul Movers' – a collaboration with The Chats' Josh Hardy.

Titled 'You-Turn', it finds the soul-funk-groove band experimenting with new tones, exploring the gasoline-tinged garage rock of the '60s-'70s: insane, gnarly riffage, powerful, snarly vocals and a rhythm section so tight as to make your parents (or grandparents) blush.

'You-Turn' is aggressive rock & roll cut from the same cloth as The Stooges, MC5 and Radio Birdman (RB guitarist Deniz Tek formed The Soul Movers with lead singer Lizzie in 2008 while they were living in the US, with Josh growing up inspired by the guitar play of Tek and the Detroit rock sound which encouraged this collaboration).

The song also allowed the OG Red Wiggle, Murray to wheel out his Marshall stack and let rip morphing into the Shred Wiggle.

Paired with Hardy's own surf-punk flavour that also plugs into the universe of AC/DC in the outro, the result is a relentless assault of chugging, scorching, muscular riffage that's soldered to Lizzie's dirty bluesy, menacing vocals that harness a '70s riot grrl, Runaways vibe.

Add a mighty rhythm section firing on all cylinders and bristling with an intent to body-slam you with its high-voltage potency, 'You-Turn' is an old-school, raise-the-horns barn burner that will ignite your inner rock demon!

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (9 February), scenestr is amped to premiere the 'You-Turn' music video that finds Muz and Lizzie indulging in another of their analogue loves: pinball machines. Enjoy.

Btw, stay tuned till the end of the song 'cause the band have overlayed some cool behind-the-scenes photos from the recording sessions for 'You-Turn'.

"Despite the band's name we are not exclusively a soul band," Muz says. "We love so many of the cool and groovy retro sounds of the 1960s and '70s – as featured in so many YouTube videos we've dropped over the ten years we've been making music together.

"Lizzie and I have both grown up listening to music of many incredible artists and genres – recording at many of the legendary US studios they cut their teeth and first tracks in: Sun, Royal and Muscle Shoals to name a few.

"Our passion for some groovy late '70s vibes (Stones, B-52s) and the very rocking Detroit Sound is apparent on our most recent album and nowhere more than in this Feb 9 drop: 'You-Turn'.

"It's an out and out rocker. We've taken a really different approach inspired by bands such as The Stooges, MC5 and Radio Birdman (whose main man lead guitarist Deniz Tek started the Sound Movers with Lizzie).

"I've dragged out the Marshall plexi and some rockin' guitars; my '65 SG and '64 Epiphone Crestwood Custom (similar to Deniz's iconic instrument), cranked up the amp and attacked the guitars. It's a blast of Detroit inspired rock & roll.

"Josh Hardy's (The Chats) wild squalls on the outro are a joy and the icing on the cake."

With a slight name tweak (hehe!) as well as a blazin' garage-rock fuelled song to add to their arsenal of funky, groovy, soul-flavoured retro bangers, Murray Cook's Soul Movers have a number of live shows (and some Murray Cook DJ sets) upcoming.

Murray Cook's Soul Movers 2024 Tour Dates

Sat 10 Feb - Safe Sounds Festival @ Hamilton Station Hotel (Newcastle)
Sun 11 Feb - A Street Party Called Fitz @ Old Fitzroy Hotel (Sydney)
Thu 15 Feb - UNSW Roundhouse (Sydney)* DJ Murray Cook set
Fri 16 Feb - The Great Court Party @ University of Queensland (Brisbane)* DJ Murray Cook set
Sat 2 Mar - St Kilda Blues Festival (Melbourne)
Sun 3 Mar - St Kilda Blues Festival (Melbourne)
Sat 6 Apr - Cherry Bar (Melbourne)
Sun 7 Apr - Lulie Tavern (Melbourne)
Fri 12 Apr - Hamilton Station Hotel (Newcastle)
Sat 13 Apr - Django at Camelot (Sydney)
Sat 15 Jun - West Tamworth League Club (Tamworth)* DJ Murray Cook set

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