Premiere: Watch Mother's 2nd Choice's New Music Video 'Lie Straight To The Wind'

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Mother's 2nd Choice are a rock duo from Townsville. Mother's 2nd Choice are a rock duo from Townsville.

A blend of a stand up drummer/ lead singer with a heavy guitar drive, Townsville rockers Mother's 2nd Choice continue to work on a batch of originals leading towards their debut album later this year.

The combo of Tony Carter (drummer, frontman) and Clinton Joyce (guitarist) have been together since the early 2000s, making a name for themselves in FNQ and Western Queensland as the ultimate covers act playing everything from Beatles to Creedence, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and Goo Goo Dolls.

When the pandemic landed last year, the time off from their touring schedule allowed the pair to look at writing and recording their own originals.

So far the lads have penned seven songs that have received airplay across the FNQ airwaves; they've even had The Butterfly Effect's bassist Glenn Esmond (an old mate of Tony's) join them on two of those tracks, with plans for him to potentially join the live show.

Their latest release is 'Lie Straight To The Wind', a song about people telling tall stories. "The track is, like many of our songs, written about life experience," begins Tony.

"In this case, it was watching certain people around me spinning stories and watching them blow like ashes in the wind.

"Of course we all know what can happen then – the ashes can catch fire, and even when people get caught out lying and their proverbial house is burning down, they still want to play the victim, even if they're the one who started it."

Now Mother's 2nd Choice are ready to unveil an accompanying music video for 'Lie...' that scenestr is pumped to premiere today. Enjoy.

"The video was filmed in Townsville by locals Justin Reid and Chun Wong, who also worked on our first video clip, 'No Direction'," Tony says.

"I originally had a vision of someone running away from their inner demons, so to speak, and Justin got really excited about the concept and ran with it.

"We're stoked with how the video came out. It's a lot simpler than our first one, but it's still has a deeper meaning than it looks on the surface.

"It's the sort of clip that I personally would watch twice just to catch all the nuances, but hopefully people like the song as well."

Mother's 2nd Choice 2021 Tour Dates

Fri 23 Jul - Workers Club (Collinsville)
23-24 Jul - Yelvertoft Campdraft & Rodeo
Fri 30 Jul - Great Western Hotel (Hughenden)
Sat 31 Jul - Flinders Sports Reserve (Hughenden)



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