Premiere: Watch Morgan Houston's New Music Video 'Killing Me'

Morgan Houston is a Sydney-based indie pop artist. Morgan Houston is a Sydney-based indie pop artist.

Evocative and expressive with a haunting piano intro, Sydney-based indie-pop songstress Morgan Houston's second single is the vivid, synth-driven, emotional pop banger 'Killing Me'.

The song will feature on Morgan's (who is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist and songwriter) debut EP, 'Glow Up' (due to be released 2 July).

Despite its dark lyrics centred on destructive relationships, 'Killing Me' is infused with Morgan's penchant for hopeful and uplifting tones.

"'Killing Me' started off as a soft piano ballad but, when I got in the studio, I had a synth melody stuck in my head and the song quickly became an upbeat dance-pop anthem," Morgan says.

"I think there is something kind of poetic in that it symbolises breaking free and being heard, which is what the song celebrates in the context of acknowledging the destructive nature of a relationship.

"I also wanted the song to sort of move cyclically with the shiny synth and up-tempo beat moving in and out – I like how this sonically reflects the cycle of emotional abuse, which is a major theme that I explore in my EP."

With 'Killing Me' released tomorrow (4 June), scenestr is thrilled to premiere the song's music video today. Enjoy.

"I knew that I wanted the video to be playful and evoke feelings of strength and maybe a little bit of vengeance, and I'm really excited with the way it turned out!" beams Morgan.

"I love the twist and the little clues peppered throughout the video. It is basically a cheeky and aesthetically pleasing way of reclaiming power, hope and autonomy."

Morgan Houston 2021 Tour Dates

Tue 22 Jun - The Vanguard (Sydney)
Thu 8 Jul - Civic Underground (Sydney)
Thu 5 Aug - Lazybones (Sydney)



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