Premiere: Watch Mermaid Waters New Music Video 'The Grudge'

Mermaid Waters are a punk-rock, alternative band from Gold Coast. Mermaid Waters are a punk-rock, alternative band from Gold Coast.

A punk-rock, nu-metal duo from Gold Coast, Mermaid Waters feature high school buddies Liam Chappy (drums/ vocals) and Lachlan McKay (bass/ guitar).

Recently forming after both guys had been session musicians for the past five years, Mermaid Waters are set to drop their new single 'The Grudge', following the dark, blunt, menacing debut offering of 'Royalty'.

With their influences including The Amity Affliction, Linkin Park, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, and Smashing Pumpkins, 'The Grudge' showcases Mermaid Waters' noise rock, abrasive punk-rock ethos throughout.

"I first wrote 'The Grudge' in 2019 for another project I was in," Liam says, "but after having constant self-doubt and having the song being turned down I decided to keep it in the archives.

"I rewrote the song about seven times, both lyrically and structurally before I was happy with it and gave it to Lachlan to record parts for."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow, scenestr is stoked to premiere 'The Grudge' today. Enjoy.

"It feels empowering to be seen as the bad guy for once," adds Liam. "When you try to be liked and accepted by everyone, feeling left out starts to become familiar.

"As if you don't belong anywhere, no one gives you a chance to be yourself.

"It took me 20 years to accept that sometimes we don't need validation from anyone but ourselves in order to be happy; and not everyone will see that you're just trying your best to make it to tomorrow."

As for what lies next for Mermaid Waters, the duo are already eyeing off their next releases. "The future looks really optimistic!" enthuses Lachlan.

"We've just finished pre-production for our next two songs and will hopefully plan on writing a fully fledged EP.

"We're also not opposed to the idea of performing live in the future; we're not in a rush, it's just a matter of finding the right line-up for the band and having fun while doing it."



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