Premiere: Watch Matt Boylan-Smith's New Music Video 'We Dream Of River Songs'

Matt Boylan-Smith's newest single is titled 'We Dream Of River Songs'. Matt Boylan-Smith's newest single is titled 'We Dream Of River Songs'.

Epic. Beautiful. Enchanting. Repeat listens guaranteed. Put simply, Australian singer-songwriter Matt Boylan-Smith's newest piano-driven ballad, 'We Dream Of River Songs', is stunning.

The multi-instrumentalist and natural storyteller, who has travelled the world after leaving his home town Bathurst, has crafted a goosebump-inducing folk classic brimming with melodic warmth and his piercing, yet soothing vocals. "'We Dream Of River Songs' came to me when I was in a period of giant uncertainty," Matt says.

"I think I wrote the song to try make sense of and claw back at what I wanted in a moment of realisation.

"The tune as a piece has taken on a bigger meaning and interpretation for me with how things are at the moment on a bigger scale."

With a stew of folk, alt and pop, Matt – who plays all instruments on the song apart from violin and drums – cooked up 'We Dream Of River Songs' in Coogee with producer Dan Frizza.

Ahead of the song's commercial release tomorrow (15 May), scenestr is stoked to premiere the music video for 'We Dream Of River Songs' today. Enjoy.

"It was a foggy night in Katoomba just after the fires. The rain and fog contrasted the months of fires that we'd just been through and it was a little otherworldly," adds Matt, his storytelling chops coming to the fore.

"It was raining and my videographer, Lina Alice, was shooting scenes with my brother holding an umbrella over the camera so it didn't get wet.

"Around midnight, while I was rolling on the wet footpath and halfway through shooting this inebriated lady comes screaming down the alleyway asking if we had seen her friend that was lost after having one drink too many.

"We calmed her down and I think her friend called. She didn't ask why I was on the ground soaked by the rain or why we were filming it. I think she found her friend." Bless.



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