Premiere: Watch Mary Webb's New Video 'Gecko Fingers'

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Mary Webb will release her new album, 'Love Like Planets', 16 February 2018. Mary Webb will release her new album, 'Love Like Planets', 16 February 2018.

With a background in classical and choral music, but with jazz and folk influences evident Adelaide singer Mary Webb is ready to release her new single, 'Gecko Fingers', this month (26 January).

This song is the first sample of Mary’s new album 'Love Like Planets', a body of work that explores the complexities of modern relationships and personal rediscovery, set for release 16 February.

Written about her relationship with her sister, 'Gecko Fingers' is a haunting folk-alt. country ballad with hints of gypsy music laced throughout. "I wrote the song about my relationship with my sister," Mary says.

"Growing up with seven years between us in age, we had a lot of love for each other but there was also a lot of anger and conflict.

"As adults we are very close and have come to a calm understanding of each other. I have reflected a lot on how we managed to transform our relationship.

"It is a fun song to play and sing, and it's also really satisfying because so many people relate to it. It's also a positive reminder to me of the bond we have, every time I sing it!"

The video that accompanies 'Gecko Fingers' is almost as haunting as the song itself. "We [indie Adelaide filmmaker Aaron Schuppan (West Thebarton, Nakatomi) and her] talked from the beginning about creating something that wasn't a traditional music video," Mary says.

"The discussion was to make something that could play silently on a wall and still be captivating. Like a moving painting.

"The idea of two figures covered in opposing colours reflected the song's themes. They begin in contrasting environments - with one figure very still and calm and the other frenetic, constantly moving - and they finally meet together and become a pair."

Currently on the road promoting her new music, see below for other dates Mary has upcoming.

Mary Webb Tour Dates

Thu 18 Jan - Wheatsheaf Hotel (Adelaide)
Sat 20 Jan - West Torrens Memorial Gardens @ Summer Festival (Adelaide)
Sun 28 Jan - Wheatsheaf Hotel (Adelaide)
Sun 4 Feb - Chateau Apollo (Adelaide)
Sun 25 Feb - Sanctuary Festival (Adelaide)
Fri 2 Mar - Gasoline Pony (Sydney)
Sat 17 Mar - Wesley Anne Hotel (Melbourne)


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