Premiere: Watch LT's New Music Video 'Mercy!'

LT's newest single is titled 'Mercy!'.
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Queensland independent artist LT's newest release is 'Mercy!', a song filled with boundless enthusiasm and a spirit to confront social anxiety.

'Mercy!' is a collaboration with London-based producer JHustl3 and the Carol Lloyd recipient (LT has also won three Queensland Music Awards), the song coming together across multiple sessions as the pair chipped away for 18 months.

Proudly independent and living in Far North Queensland (far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, proving artists don't need to live in an urban environment to prosper), 'Mercy!' is the follow-up single to 'Act Your Age' and 'Rollercoaster', and heralds a creative period for LT who plans to remain active throughout 2024 with more releases and shows.

An electropop dance beat reminiscent of La Roux, Robyn and CHVRCHES (with a liberal sprinkling of Sophie Ellis-Bextor-Kylie tones), 'Mercy!' is a joyous, effervescent bop that's both carefree (the melody will have you floating on giant bubbles) as well as introspective (lyrically detailing the social anxieties of being an introvert).

It also has a '70s funk-disco vibe oozing through that hits the nostalgic feels without losing its modern sound. "'Mercy!' is inspired by the struggles faced with being an introvert at heart, and the social anxiety that comes with that," LT says.

"It's using all your strength to get yourself to the party, and then looking for an escape route as soon as you arrive. It's about being trapped in awkward conversations and wishing you could just disappear."

Released last week, today scenestr is thrilled to premiere the 'Mercy!' music video that LT created using AI. Enjoy.

The video's animation is simply mesmerising, the perfect visual accompaniment to the song's pop catchiness, as the protagonist attempts to escape small talk disappearing into an imaginative world of fantasy.

A one-shot clip that morphs and mutates overloading the senses as it dazzles with colour and fantastical landscapes, it transports the viewer from a party through different eras that mingle together as one continuous thread. It's a trip!

"'Mercy!' was a love project that I used as an opportunity to experiment with different styles and develop new skills," LT adds. "I am an independent artist with no label, or team behind me so I was determined to do this on a budget.

"I was lucky enough to receive a small grant to update my microphone and interface so I could bounce ideas across to Joe White (JHustl3) in London who produced 'Mercy!', and get more comfortable using my home studio equipment.

"I didn't have any major plans or deadlines to release 'Mercy!', so we took our time and chipped away at it over about 18 months and it developed so beautifully that I felt it needed some visuals.

"I spent some time investigating AI tools and attended a few seminars learning what's out there, and then set off exploring the world of AI. I wanted the clip to create a feeling of escapism and incorporate similar colour schemes to the single art.

"I finished a few different versions before landing on this one, and I think it turned out pretty great, and I've learnt something new which is always a bonus!

"The video tells the story of a woman attending a party and she's stuck in the cycle of never-ending small-talk with her social anxiety at peak. Desperate to escape, she disappears into a world of her own and dances the night away."

LT supports Sahara Beck at Tanks Arts Centre (Cairns) 19 April.

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