Premiere: Watch Lokett's Debut Music Video 'Don't Run'

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Lokett's debut single is titled 'Don't Run'. Lokett's debut single is titled 'Don't Run'.

A veteran of five years working behind the scenes in the music industry (mostly as a sound engineer as well as in photography and production), Lokett is ready to unveil her debut song 'Don't Run'.

No stranger to the stage as well, Lokett has previously assisted other artists with backing vocals, playing covers gigs, and getting onstage for guest verses or freestyling a rap.

A smooth, downtempo hip hop jam, 'Don't Run' features Lokett discussing demons that are the manifestation of past regrets.

To accompany the song's release, Lokett has created a music video for 'Don't Run'. With permission from animator David Vandervoort, Lokett has visually remixed his short film ‘Pinch’ by editing the visuals and adding 'Don’t Run' as the soundtrack.

"The short animation film was the growing point for this song," Lokett explains.

"The animation emoted me to write about traumas I was going through in an artistic way. This track was initially intended to be about self encouragement, now it can be the encouragement for someone else who needs it."

Today, scenestr is amped to be able to premiere the 'Don't Run' music video.

"I began writing to a theme I noticed in the animation," continues Lockett.

"Not long after my producer (tomtom) and I reworked a beat by Young Taylor (Germany producer) and recorded the song 'Don't Run'.

"The animation [which was] originally 11 minutes long was then re-edited to the length of the song with an alternative storyline to fit."


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