Premiere: Watch Lisa Woodbrook's Debut Music Video 'So Bad'

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Lisa Woodbrook is an Australian performer and singer-songwriter. Lisa Woodbrook is an Australian performer and singer-songwriter.

A fierce, poignant indie pop banger that echoes Adele vibes, Lisa Woodbrook's debut single 'So Bad' is the ultimate ballad to express those intuitive feelings when someone new comes into your life.

"The lyrics in this song really speak to how someone can have such a huge impact on you," Lisa says.

"I think a lot of people have been in this situation and hopefully this song resonates with audiences."

Although 'So Bad' is Woodbrook's first solo release, she is an experienced cabaret and comedy performer who has performed nationally as well as being an in-demand corporate entertainer.

Lisa's award-winning, one-woman comedy show, 'It's Not Me, It's Definitely You', has sold out across Australia, while her new comedy cabaret 'Feeling Way Too Good: Songs of Michael Buble' launched last month in Perth.

Co-written and produced with Bri Clark, and mastered by Mark Lizotte aka Diesel, 'So Bad' puts Lisa's velvet lower register and power belt on stunning display.

scenestr is amped to premiere the music video for 'So Bad' today. Enjoy.

"This song was inspired by an intuitive connection, where it felt like you could really feel what the other person was thinking," Lisa says.

"'So Bad' tells the story of what was going through my mind at the time and I wanted the video to show an element of being alone with your feelings and letting the emotions run through you.

"We had a great team of people involved who made this video come to life in just one day. The abandoned warehouse was such a great find!

"This video was filmed a week after a lockdown where I had a show season cancelled. It was such a great feeling getting creative again with a brand new project in my home town."



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