Premiere: Watch Lisa Caruso's New Music Video 'What If My Body Could Love Like You'

Lisa Caruso is an indie pop artist from Sydney.
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Sydney artist Lisa Caruso is emerging back into the spotlight as she embraces a new era for her creative musings.

A finalist at the 2019 Australian Women in Music Awards, Caruso released her debut album 'In Feelings' in 2020 – the record's lead single 'Shake Baby Shake' was featured on the Netflix series 'Good Girls' (Caruso still receives hundreds of Shazams of the song monthly, continually building her fan base).

Her first material released in 18 months, 'What If My Body Could Love Like You' is a resolute and spirited single that heralds the artist's sonic move towards a synth-pop style of indie pop.

The first track from the soon to be released EP 'Stretching', 'What If My Body Could Love Like You' thematically explores the 'desire to achieve full satisfaction in the skin you live in'.

Beginning with a sonic fragility as mournful keys – provided by Harry Sutherland (Matt Corby, Meg Mac) – are paired with lyrics that pose questions around body image and the associated pressures the modern, digital world imparts on society, a stark yet immense soundscape of synths and drums intertwine to create a lush yet brooding rhythm.

The piercing 'ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhs' vocals that are interspersed throughout add a magnetic texture to the song's dark melody, Lisa's voice hooking you in with an emotive, buoyant presence.

The track continues to build in cinematic intensity concluding with impassioned futuristic synth, pop-noir aesthetics.

Released last week, scenestr is thrilled to premiere the music video for 'What If My Body Could Love Like You', which was produced alongside long-time collaborator in film photography, Adam Singer. Enjoy.

"I took to writing the new songs on keys during lockdowns. That time really forced me to slow down and create from an even more introspective place," shares Lisa, who has supported both Sarah Blasko and Boy & Bear.

"Frustrated by the ongoing onslaught of beauty stereotypes in the media, I wanted to pose a question in hopes to add something a little positive in the world."

For the music video's creative direction, Caruso embraced a current topic bombarding society.

"Adam Singer (of Roadhouse Pictures) and I wanted to touch on something futuristic in this clip. With all the AI biz going around at the moment, there's some cloning going on in the music video. So that was fun!

"We dabbled with a sense of looking inward at yourself, to then also being a little afraid of yourself, which you will see in scenes of the clip. All to do with the title of the song.

"The post chorus in the white sheet are aimed to feel like a 'coming out of body', 'euphoric' type experience.

"'It's happening, it's happening' is the last line of the bridge leaning into the final chorus which hopefully leads you to think 'you did it!' Ha – we can only dream."

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