Premiere: Watch LEFKADA's New Music Video 'The Curator'

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Melbourne electronic duo, LEFKADA's newest single is titled 'The Curator'. Melbourne electronic duo, LEFKADA's newest single is titled 'The Curator'.

The pairing of producer-drummer cartograph and songwriter-pianist SOLUNE, Melbourne duo LEFKADA are building their own niche within the electronic dance music world.

With the pair having both studied jazz, they bring their shared love of house, R&B, and hip hop to the creative pursuits of LEFKADA.

Their previous singles 'Dead Lines', 'Lungs', and 'Ella's Flowers' have highlighted their forward-thinking approach to making electronic music earning them a solid fan base with a combined 100k streams of their back catalogue.

LEFKADA's latest track, 'The Curator', is another slice of ear candy as the duo effortlessly glide between clean electro-pop, and gritty, industrial sound design. Lyrically, it examines the modern world's unhealthy obsession with projecting the 'perfect image' to the outside world.

"'The Curator' is about people manipulating their presence/ image on the online world to perfectly represent what they want people to see of their lives," LEFKADA says. "It's about inauthentic content, fabricated facades and fake news."

For the music video, LEFKADA have used stock footage to create and manipulate a parody of content-culture and influencers. scenestr is stoked to premiere 'The Curator' music video. Enjoy.

"Stock footage is so fascinating," LEFKADA says, "as all sorts of different creators will use it for their own purposes.

"Depending how it is edited and the way you place various shots, you can manipulate it to create meaning, forcing the audience to interpret the content however you want them to.

"In our music video for 'The Curator', we've created a world that parodies/ mocks content-culture and influencers.

"Initially, we portray the overly curated and perfectly composed characters referenced by the lyrics. As the tune progresses, we interlace absurd, over-the-top moments, to satirise this culture and how ludicrous it can become.

"Throughout the video, these erratic moments become more frequent and chaotic, and the characters eventually unravel, revealing the potentially dark and destructive nature of the fantasy world they create online."

LEFKADA play The Leadbeater Hotel (Melbourne) 17 April.



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