Premiere: Watch Larsen's Music Video 'Yours Sincerely'

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Adelaide alt-rock band, Larsen's newest single is titled 'Yours Sincerely'. Adelaide alt-rock band, Larsen's newest single is titled 'Yours Sincerely'.

Pushing an alt-rock sound with a sludgy, grunge feel, Adelaide's Larsen have backed up their newest single 'Yours Sincerely' with a light-hearted, comical music video.

Despite 'Yours Sincerely' dealing with themes of uncertainty, fear and anxiety, Larsen are playing for the LOLs with the creative direction of the music video that starts with the band kicking out singer, Liam, while he's still in bed.

"I'd say all the best, but I wouldn't mean it." Brutal.

The clip then features a host of cameos from other local musicians from bands like Teenage Joans, Young Offenders, Paper Sunsets, Indiago, Ruskus, AGAPANTHER and Down & Out as Larsen hold auditions for a new, look-alike singer.

scenestr is stoked to premiere the 'Yours Sincerely' music video today. Enjoy.

"The film clip was a blast to make!" band member Alex Andrews says. "Particularly the audition scene, which was shot at Lion Arts Factory and featured cameos from some of our closest mates in the scene.

"It was humbling to have so many people want to be involved with one of our dumb music video ideas.

"It was a full-day shoot and in between takes we just caught up with our fellow musicians, got pizza for everyone, and just made a day of it."

Larsen will headline their own show at Adelaide Unibar on Friday 11 December; they'll be supported by Bitchspawn and Indiago.



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