Premiere: Watch Kyan Burns' New Music Video 'Guess'

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Kyan Burns is a rock-pop artist from Adelaide. Kyan Burns is a rock-pop artist from Adelaide.

With Australian musical royalty in her blood (more on that later), Adelaide singer-songwriter Kyan Burns continues on her path as a solo artist with the release of her second single 'Guess'.

After more than 20 years working with a host of cover acts alongside a variety of talented musicians, in June Kyan dropped the beautifully fragile and raw country-pop track 'So I'm Telling You'.

For her next release, Kyan wanted to showcase a rockier side to her music; the result is 'Guess' a track that ramps up the raunchy rock stakes with crunchy, wailing guitars and a rhythm section laden with a sensual groove.

"The song is a cheeky tune about being free to express who we are and not judging a book by its cover," Kyan says.

"It's got a catchy chorus that gets stuck in your head. "After my first release 'So I'm Telling You' I wanted to show people a different side of me – the rock chick, gutsy side and I felt this was the perfect song to express that with."

Kyan – a 2021 SAM Awards nominee – teamed with fellow Adelaidian creative Gareth Wilkes for the 'Guess' music video, which sees Kyan take on multiple characters in the pursuit of new-found passion.

"I was very blessed to have the extremely talented Gareth Wilkes as the director as he was able to come up with something really creative and fun," Kyan says.

With 'Guess' to be released tomorrow (6 November), scenestr is stoked to premiere the music video today. Enjoy.

There were also some light-hearted moments on set during the filming of 'Guess' as well as a not so serious, kissing-related nuisance.

"Some funny stories about shooting the clip. . . Realising that we shot half of the librarian scenes without my glasses on and having to do a pick-up shot just to make it work.

"Could not believe none of us noticed at the time (it was a long day) haha!

"And blowing the dust all over my face in the witch scene. It went all in my eyes, my teeth and all over my face. It was hilarious at the time!

"I also ended up with crazy pash-rash when shooting the make-out scene with Jacob! I was quite the sight at the end of it."

Compared to the likes of Jewell and Pink, and with an EP in the works, Kyan is the granddaughter of hillbilly and yodelling superstar Zeta Burns – one of the last big top vaudeville performers still singing (at 93 years old no less). Kyan continues the Burns singing dynasty, just without the yodel.

Kyan Burns plays Festivalis at Woodville North FC (Adelaide) 18 December.



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