Premiere: Watch King Brown's New Music Video 'Way Down'

WA band King Brown's debut EP is titled 'Out In The Desert'. WA band King Brown's debut EP is titled 'Out In The Desert'.

Blues inspired rock & roll, King Brown are readying themselves to take the covers off their debut EP, titled 'Out In The Desert'.

Due to be released next week (18 June), the EP features six tracks of the band's nostalgia-tinged indie rock rhythms that tracks the band's development since first coming together in early 2019.

"This EP has a very much versatile sound, ranging from high-energy rock with 'Moto' to a cool, laidback bop with 'Oyzo', but it's a sound that's very much our own, and we've found it and grown more into it naturally as we have progressed as a band," King Brown says.

"It's cataloguing different times in the band, from early days to very new stuff and we can't wait to play these songs live and hopefully have the audience finally be able to sing along to them too."

As they continue to build momentum ahead of the EP's release, the band have dipped into their own DIY bag of tricks, with the group's Shaun Kennedy (rhythm guitar) getting behind the camera to film their newest music video for current single 'Way Down', which scenestr is stoked to premiere today. Enjoy.

"We went out on a limb with this one and decided to do it ourselves, we had a bunch of fun making this one and the end result turned out alright too," the band says.

"The idea of the skeleton sort of perfectly summed up the theme in the song, but in a more light-hearted way."



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