Premiere: Watch Jurassic's New Music Video 'Consider'

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Jurassic are a punk-rock band from Melbourne. Jurassic are a punk-rock band from Melbourne.

Melbourne rockers Jurassic have harnessed their collective frustrations of spending 200-plus days in lockdown last year to write the aggressive yet vibrant 'Consider'.

The band (Robbie Jamieson, Angelo Rosas-Ortiz, Lachy Forbes and Jakob Nicolandos) recorded 'Consider' at Hole & Corners Studio, working with producer Jon Grace (Dune Rats, Dear Seattle, Kingswood).

"Lyrically this was almost like a letter to a loved one or even a past version of myself to take note of how much you might mean to people even if you can't see it or feel it sometimes," Robbie says.

"Some of the best people I know have been to hell and back, yet still have the biggest hearts and they've seen me through some really dark times.

"Their mere existence has meant more to me than I could ever explain, so this track is kind of an ode to them.

"It's a song inspired by overcoming some really challenging things and coming out the other side with a deeper appreciation and gratitude for life, and the amazing beings in it."

A blitzing opening on 'Consider' makes way for a melody-rich punk-rock ride that echoes '90s vibes before the chorus crashes down like a 100-foot wave of energy to power a stampede of the moshpit.

There's a couple of melodic breakdowns too that showcase the band's instrumentation skills and knack to pull at the heartstrings, though it's the rambunctious riffs that slap hard that really draw you in.

The to and fro between melodic punk and manic, high-intensity rock has a Violent Soho feel at times; you can see why Jurassic have supported the likes of Loser, Private Function and FANGZ.

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (7 January), scenestr is stoked to premiere the music video for 'Consider' today. Enjoy.

Directed by Melbourne videographer Brad Martin, the clip takes the viewer behind the scenes of the band by entering their practice space for a live rendition of 'Consider'. "Shooting this was super fun and simple," adds Robbie.

"We just welcomed the viewer into our practice space, where it was shot, with some sick lights and smoke machines to boot.

"Shot by the wonderful Brad Martin who did our 'Left Low' vid, this one was a lot simpler than our debut music video, but was a blast to do nonetheless."

Jurassic are also hungrier than ever to return to the live stage, with a home-town show planned at The Workers Club next month (19 February).

"We are absolutely itching to get out and play more and more shows," Robbie says. "To say we're pent up from the lack of gigs we've been able to play over the last couple years is an understatement!

"Playing live to us is like a big reward after working hard in the band room/ studio. Seeing everyone's big smiling faces embracing each other to music, it's what we're all about.

"So please bring on all the sweaty moshpits and sing-alongs in the world. We can't wait."



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