Premiere: Watch June Low’s New Music Video ‘The System’

June Low
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Brisbane's June Low presents the hypnotic new single and music video 'The System’.

June Low, who creates an eclectic mix of dark roots, indie-pop and rock, has released two albums and an EP so far. Now, she's in the final stages of recording her third album, due for release in late 2023. The album is themed around breaking free from unhealthy binds in society and relationships – and 'The System' follows this theme.

“June Low & The Northern Lights have existed since 2014 in various iterations,” June Low says. “The sound has evolved over time. This song has an alt-country rock vibe and delves into territory that is more political than our previous work.”

June's upcoming album is themed around breaking free from unhealthy binds in society and relationships – and 'The System' follows this theme.

“'The System' came from a realisation that various man-made systems that exist in society, while set up to create order, can often be harmful and disastrous when they are not carefully thought through.

“We are seeing this now more than ever.”

The track walks the line between easy, groovy listening and strangely hypnotic, with memorable guitar moments, and subtle but effective harmonies. It's an example of June's ability to create tension and release, all the while shining a light on the imperfect systems ingrained in society.

scenestr is super pumped to be premiering the track and its music video below. Enjoy.

“Inspirations for this song were capitalism, the government, and Tom Petty. We recorded this song in 2022 when Emma [June] was living in Melbourne and flying back to Brisbane to record the album every few months,” the band (June Low & The Northern Lights) says.

Meanwhile, the music video fades between shots of the band doing their thing in a dimly-lit room, but perhaps the most striking visual is that of a familiar children's toy hanging from a hills hoist. . . A visual which is a perfect example of 'there's more than meets the eye'.

“The video clip was filmed and produced by Gerard Glynn in April 2023 over two days in Sean's [Clift, percussion] backyard, and in a rehearsal room in a storage facility. The swaying Barbies in the clip signify the fragility of man-made societal structures. No Barbies were harmed in the making of the clip.”

'The System' is officially released 9 June. June Low plays a solo show at The Thornbury Local (Melbourne) on 10 June, and June Low & The Northern Lights play The Bearded Lady (Brisbane) 16 June.

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