Premiere: Watch Jovi Skyler's New Music Video 'Never Wanted'

Sydney's punk-rock indie artist, Jovi Skyler's newest single is titled 'Never Wanted'. Sydney's punk-rock indie artist, Jovi Skyler's newest single is titled 'Never Wanted'.

Sydney's punk, alt-rock indie artist, Jovi Skyler returns with another DIY music video brimming with rebellious energy in the form of 'Never Wanted'.

A song that spotlights 'classic alienation and the powerlessness over it', 'Never Wanted' is an aggressive slice of angsty punk-grunge that squawks an abrasive brand of self-expression as Jovi descends into a maelstrom of conflicting emotions of acceptance and retribution.

"'Never Wanted' is about classic alienation and the powerlessness over it. I gave it a real rock & roll flair, an impactful and assertive sound to express that statement."

An artist with a flair to craft DIY music videos using footage of cult movies, for 'Never Wanted' Jovi has spliced scenes from 1995 film 'The Basketball Diaries' (starring Leonardo Di Caprio) into the clip, which also features a pastiche of warped, grainy animation alongside psychedelic washes over vision of Jovi jamming and headbanging.

With the music video set to be released tomorrow (29 July), scenestr is stoked to premiere the 'Never Wanted' clip today. Enjoy.

"For me at least, alienation is an amalgamation of desperation in wanting something, realisation in its hollowness, then downright rejecting it," Jovi shares, discussing the lyrical direction of 'Never Wanted'.

"I wrote the song during a time when I was sick with pneumonia. I honestly don't think too hard when I write lyrics; everything just flows out from me. When I'm in the right mood or need an escape, a song comes to me by itself."

Armed with a full tank of socio-cultural observations, Jovi and his guitar are primed to go, guaranteed to get you grooving with its wild and rebellious swagger.

"I used footage from 'The Basketball Diaries' [for the clip], as I felt it fitted perfectly with the tone and attitude of 'Never Wanted'.

"I desired to create a surreal visual to hammer down those feelings of alienation and powerlessness.

"The Grady Twins from Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' gave me the idea and inspiration to have an identical twin perform beside me.

"I used a cool twin mirror image effect and distorted some other images to create an appearance of a funhouse mirror similar to the ones at Luna Park Sydney."

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