Premiere: Watch Jofi's New Music Video 'Catastrophe'

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Sydney artist Jofi's newest single is titled 'Catastrophe'. Sydney artist Jofi's newest single is titled 'Catastrophe'.

Breathless, sultry vocals and lyrics that put herself and her idiosyncrasies under the microscope, Sydney's Jofi has returned with her new single 'Catastrophe'.

Sparkly synthpop that also features dark indie-pop vibes intertwined with industrial-filtered electronica, 'Catastrophe' is equal amount indie charm and bright energy.

"'Catastrophe' is me laughing and joking about how manic and unnecessary I can be sometimes," Jofi says.

"I'm a person very driven by feeling and it sometimes gets the better of me. I think the song has a badass energy, but also a level of seriousness and honesty."

Ahead of the release of 'Catastrophe' tomorrow, scenestr is ecstatic to premiere the single's accompanying music video today. Enjoy.

Directed by videographer Robbie Walcott, with co-direction from Jofi herself, the DIY aesthetic and production create an end result that's is dreamy and striking.

"[The music video] was in discussion for a couple of months," Jofi says, "where we were constantly bouncing ideas off each other.

"Together, we gathered second-hand props, and went shopping. . . I can't thank Robbie enough for his passion and involvement in not just the filming and editing, but the entire creation process."



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