Premiere: Watch Jayden McGrath's Debut Music Video 'Conditions'

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Jayden McGrath's debut single is titled 'Conditions'. Jayden McGrath's debut single is titled 'Conditions'.

A combo of electro-infused pop with tinges of emo-hop, Jayden McGrath's debut single 'Conditions' is a delightful ear worm that will wriggle into your next playlist.

A snapshot of humanity's current lack of ability to physically connect with others in a digital age, Jayden explores a feeling of acceptance towards less-than-ideal circumstances in life. "'Conditions' is a track that came up for me in a rather dark period of my life," begins Jayden.

"After some big changes, I started to question the meaning and purpose of my life.

"At the time it felt like every step forward sent me two steps back. 'Conditions' is a kind of morbid acceptance of everything being dull for me at this point in time. Luckily since then, things have changed."

With 'Conditions' set for release 31 May, Jayden has collaborated with Dave Hunter of Band Factory Digital Media (Drown This City, Captives) and artist Joey Klarenbeek to create a hypnotic video punctuated by flickering animated drawings by Joey.

scenestr is thrilled to be able to premiere the music video for 'Conditions' today.

"I came up with the concept for the clip myself," Jayden says. "I’m not sure exactly what I was after at the time, however, I know I wanted to address a dull scenic manner in the shots.

"Mainly, I was trying to visually address humanity’s lack of connection with one another and being ‘switched off’ from any real and physical interaction.

"This is where the emoji drawings come in. I thought it could be cool to take a visual approach to how things are heading - why talk when you can text right?

"After a few meetings with Dave Hunter, we came up with some more concepts for additional animation and scenes, which I’m really glad about. Without Dave’s input, the clip would not be what it is."

Jayden will celebrate the release of 'Conditions' with a launch show at The Evelyn Hotel (Melbourne) 7 June.



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