Premiere: Watch Jake Kalysha's New Music Video 'Slo Mo'

Jake Kalysha is an electronic, contemporary R&B artist from Sydney.
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Sydney-based R&B, electro-pop artist, Jake Kalysha is back with another serving of sassy, urban-tainted EDM with the single 'Slo Mo'.

After announcing himself with 2021 debut single 'Ain't My Man' that was followed by 2022 song 'Nasty Boy', 'Slo Mo' continues Jake's run of bold, magnetic music that offers a playful respite from everyday stresses.

A tropical, sultry, trap-flavoured synth-house beat that's seductively polished, 'Slo Mo' grooves unabashedly. It also features a guest rap from underground Texan artist Rico Xyy, which adds an intoxicating quality to the song.

"Sweeter than a candy store and fresher than a mint, 'Slo Mo''s playful sound captures the thrill of a summer fling," Jake says. "With its west-coast vibes, sultry lyrics, and smooth vocals, this tune is pure seduction."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (3 November), scenestr is ecstatic to premiere the thirsty visuals of the GTA-themed music video for 'Slo Mo' today. Enjoy.

"'Slo Mo''s story is a journey from a friendship to a mysterious whirlwind of excitement, playfulness, and flirtation," adds Kalysha.

"This track is the ultimate vibe, blending hip hop beats with smooth, summer sounds, whisking you away to a paradise state of mind."

The creative direction plays into the song's glamorous aesthetics. "This music video gives a nod to the unsung characters of 'Grand Theft Auto' – the side characters," confirms Jake.

"Think luxury cars, stunning beaches, and a whole lot of attitude! Peek into the cheeky and enigmatic side of 'Grand Theft Auto': Summer romance, mysterious affairs, and a playful spirit."

The filming of the video also allowed Jake to live out some of his personal fantasies, while an encounter with some random doggos supplied an upbeat mood to the shoot. "The best part about shooting the music video was getting to drive a Rolls Royce, it made me feel luxurious.

"Despite the looming deadlines and stress, the highlight of the video shoot was when several dogs were at the beach, running up to me with wagging tails. Their playful antics brought a much-needed ray of sunshine to my day!"

Jake Kalysha plays Nadine's Academy of Dance (Sydney) on 4 November.

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