Premiere: Watch Jacket Weather's Debut Music Video 'Go-Go Boots'

Jacket Weather are an indie act from Sydney. Jacket Weather are an indie act from Sydney.

A new musical project from the team behind disco-flavoured outfit Groove City, Sydney's Jacket Weather offer an intoxicating debut release with 'Go-Go Boots', a track that leans hard into its '60s lounge music and '70s yacht rock influences.

With 'Go-Go Boots', the trio of Calum Mawson (vocals/ guitar), Daniel Mugridge (lead guitar), and Dan Andaloro (bass) have created a tune that has a Lime Cordiale meets Winston Surfshirt vibe, and lives up to their bio: 'Hard as a rock, yet soft as a feather.'

Its lush, cruisy swagger gives off plenty of heat, while the sophisticated harmonies will make you swoon as the chilled, downtempo melodies are balanced by space-age, tropical rhythms. It's a groove that keeps on giving.

"'Go-Go Boots' is one of those songs that comes to you in 24 hours and kind of writes itself!

"We love it when this happens because the stress of writing is free and it becomes easier to focus on the M.O. of the song," the trio says.

"We went for a distinct late '70s Americana/ LA driving tune on this one inspired by the even earlier late '60s boots Cal's girlfriend had at the time.

"In its essence, 'Go-Go Boots' is a tongue-in-cheek way of saying 'I love you' for the first time to a new romance."

Ahead of the song's release tomorrow (15 October), scenestr is thrilled to premiere the music video for 'Go-Go Boots' today. Enjoy.

"The video was thought up with the idea that we wanted the audience to focus on the song and not create visuals that would take away from that experience, rather, enhance that," adds the Jacket Weather lads.

"What better way than to have a lady in go-go boots listening to the track on vinyl!"

You'll only get one chance to get on at the ground floor with Jacket Weather, as their elevator is headed express to the penthouse. See you there.



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