Premiere: Watch Jacinta Lal's New Music Video 'Sheila'

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Jacinta Lal is a hip hop artist from Brisbane. Jacinta Lal is a hip hop artist from Brisbane.

An emerging hip hop talent from Brisbane, indie artist Jacinta Lal is nearing the release of her debut EP titled 'DIVYA'.

A collection of music that reflects her journey as an artist, and as a confident young woman, the EP is a statement piece from Jacinta – and a feisty one at that.

One of the six tracks to feature on 'DIVYA' is 'Sheila' a song channelling contemporary R&B with electronic-infused hip hop and Middle Eastern/ Indian world music production samples throughout. It's bouncy, uber confident, cavalier and fierce – an anthem to empower.

"Outspoken and confident, Sheila is a character I have developed through certain parts in my past tracks who I have finally given a name to," Jacinta says.

"'My tribe are warriors, do not unleash the beast, ain't no taming the lioness when she becomes unleashed, it's a feast.'

"Sheila is strong about who she is and where she has come from. She shows hints of her Fiji-Indian culture and is proud of her background.

"'Bangles super lit diamond bindi shinin', that chic well equipped to be Queen all bout it'."

Ahead of the release of the 'DIVYA' EP on Friday (9 July), scenestr is stoked to premiere the music video for 'Sheila' today. Enjoy.

Inspired by the likes of Missy Elliott, J. Cole and Doja Cat, Jacinta is intent on weaving her cultural background into her own productions.

"DIVYA is my middle name. In Hindi it means divine. To me, DIVYA are the ones who dare to show the world their true colours.

"DIVYA are the ambitious who fiercely go after their dreams. DIVYA are the strong-hearted. This does not mean they are not vulnerable.

"To me, DIVYA are the soulful who have been mocked and have felt pain. Lots of it. But DIVYA are the stubborn ones who get up over and over again despite being knocked over every single time before.

"DIVYA are the ones who don't apologise for protecting their own soul. DIVYA are the rare ones that have the courage to be alone.

"DIVYA are the ones who take the time to reset and self-discover who they are. They thank themselves for being their own MVP. I think DIVYA are the bold ones who learn to love themselves first.

"DIVYA are also the ones who are brave enough to open their love to someone else. DIVYA are the confident Sheila's who proudly wear their bindis and bangles.

"DIVYA are the sassy feisty bossy queens. DIVYA are the moody who don't mean to get so personal. DIVYA are also the playful wildflowers who will always have that sunshine glow in their eyes.

"To feel real freedom, that is what a DIVYA craves. I hope you find the strength to discover the DIVYA in you, as I have found the DIVYA in me."



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